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Virtual tool for physical rehabilitation

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A Basque company (North of Spain) has developed a physical rehabilitation system that allows monitoring progress of patients from anywhere in an entertaining manner. The company wishes to licence and/or distribute the tool in European countries

Offer description

Spanish SME involved in virtual reality (VR) applicable in: e-health, training, tourism promotion & cultural heritage, civil engineering, architecture and urban planning. The company provides on-demand, technological solutions according to client needs and markets their own innovative products. Active member in domestic and European innovation platforms and R+D+I projects. Apart from their premises in Bilbao, they have offices in London, and Mexico and partners throughout the world. This rehabilitation system is an ehealth product; a serious game combined with natural interaction devices. Patients can perform complex rehabilitation programmes using entertaining therapies in a rehabilitation clinic as well as in their own homes. This tool requires Kinect for Windows, a pc connected to a monitor and an Internet connection. The product uses motion capture technology Microsoft® Kinect so that the user can become the star of the video game without the need of attaching a physical controller or device to their body. Each session is registered using Microsoft® Azure, a cloud-based platform that allows patients to complete therapy sessions under the supervision of their specialist, whether at a medical center or at home. The systemt allows the treatment of different functions for the following pathologies: a) Neurodegenerative diseases: multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, b) Neuromuscular disorders: dystrophies, myopathies amyotrophies, neuropathies, c) Neurovascular disorders / trauma: stroke, traumatic brain injuries, d) Mobility in elderly people, The company wishes to reach either a representation or a licencing agreement with companies from the sanitary and pharma sector organizations and also with IT service delivery companies

Innovations and advantages

Benefits for the patient: entertaining and competitive features (game design methodologies), increases adherence to the treatment, user-friendly, valid for various degrees of disability (including wheelchair users), allows the increase in intensity and frequency of the treatment. Benefits for the specialist: simple to use Program Manager, Individual monitoring for each patient, evaluation and graphical analysis of patient’s progress, remote control of treatment programs, alerts. Benefits for health institutions: increase in level of service for patients, objective and individualized tracking of user treatment programmes, reduction of waiting lists, improved adherence to therapies due to the system of alerts and supervised rehabilitation, reduced transportation costs of patients (telerehabilitation)

Current stage of development

The company has released the v.2 of the product with 9 new games designed for stroke and other movement disorders (aimed at the elderly) and a completely new and attractive interface

Market application codes

02007004 Program development tools/languages
02007007 Applications software
02007012 Medical/health software
05003001 Therapeutic services
05007007 Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)

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Type of partner sought

Health care centres, hospitals, private clinics, patient associations, pharma companies, physical and neuro rehabilitation sector. IT service delivery companies that provide hardware and software equipment. The expected role of the partner is that of a commercial agency, which involves all sales and support will run through the partner. The distributor will have to sell product licences (software) and the required hardware equipment (PC, Kinect and TV). Other tasks for client support: renting of hardware, installation and product set up, software maintenance, training (online/offline on product usage. The Basque company offers the following sales margins: 30% on software licences, 100% on hardware equipment, 100% on support services. Besides, the Basque company provides services to the partner such as training on product use and partner kick off, marketing, open access to technical and commercial support, lead prescription, new product versions and upgrades.


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