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Ukrainian manufacturer of liquid ceramic thermal insulation coating is looking for distributors

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A Ukrainian company that specialises in manufacture of liquid ceramic thermal insulation coating which can be used in housing stock to prepare buildings and constructions for a heating season, on pipes or steam lines, agriculture, or automotive industry.The company is looking for distributors and commercial agents throughout Europe.

Offer description

The Ukrainian company established in 2009 in Kyiv, specialises in manufacturing liquid ceramic thermal insulation coating which possesses high water, heat and noise-insulating properties.The insulation can be used on housing to reduce thermal loss and on intra-house heating systems. The thermal insulation coating allows a reduction in consumption of gas, solid fuel or electric power by 30-40%. Using on walls of buildings the liquid ceramic thermal insulation economy of heat in recalculation will make 118 kW/year on each 100 sq.m. Thermal insulating coating provide enhanced chemical-resistant surface protection against the following influences: - aggressive gases (carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur etc.); - solutions of salts; - alkalis; - acids (hydrochloric, sulphuric, nitric). The ceramic material is protection against corrosion paint for any metal equipment that is operated under conditions of high humidity or temperature such as oil, gas and steam pipelines and also furnaces for saunas, baths and chimneys. This corrosion-resistant coating can be used on car exhaust systems which are exposed to a wide range of temperatures from-60 to +650 °C and other aggressive factors. The company is looking for partners within distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement.

Innovations and advantages

- Thermal insulation up to 650˚C - Can be applied with a thin layer (thickness of one layer - 0.5 mm); - Does not support burning, slows down the spread of smoke; - Non-toxic, ecologically-fireproof; - Can be applied to running objects without stopping the production cycle at temperatures from +5°C to +150°C; - Reduces heat exchange (no hot spots, there is no effect of vertical thrust); - Has good adhesion to all surfaces; - Reduces / eliminates condensation without the risk of rust; - High resistance to UV radiation. K thermal conductivity - 0,0025 Heat transfer factor - 2

Technology keywords

02002002 Coatings
02007003 Ceramic Materials and Powders
04002004 Furnace and boiler technologies
04007003 Process optimisation, waste heat utilisation
04007005 Heat pipes

Market application codes

06010003 Energy for Industry
08001007 Coatings and adhesives manufactures
08001019 Speciality/performance chemicals

Intellectual property rights

Granted patent or patent application essential

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Type of partner sought

The type of Partner Sought: distributors and installers working in the field of energy saving The tasks to be performed by the partner sought: sale of liquid ceramic thermal insulation, carrying out activities of deposition (spray) of liquid ceramic thermal insulation coating.


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