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Ukrainian company producing household small-sized incubators and ovoscopes is looking for trade intermediaries (agents, representatives, distributors)

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Ukrainian private company specialized in production of household small-sized incubators under own trade mark and ovoscopes (eggs quality testers) under own trade mark is looking for trade intermediaries and is offering a distribution services agreement.

Offer description

Ukrainian private company established in 1995 is looking for trade intermediaries (representatives) and potential partners for promotion (support in sales) of its products under own trade marks on the international markets, namely household small-sized incubators with capacity of placing up to 80 poultry eggs and ovoscopes (eggs quality testers) for common users (mainly people in the village community.

Innovations and advantages

Company is using in the process of production the best modern materials and technologies (including energy saving), enabling to produce products of high quality and reliability, that correspond to standards IEC 335-1-91; IEC 60335-2-71-93. Company’s slogan: high level of responsibility and commitment in the work with partners, production mobility and timely execution of orders. The company is a leading manufacturer of these products in Ukraine. To date, it produced more than 200 thousand incubators. Each incubator manufactured by the company is tuned and tested in laboratory conditions close to actual conditions.

Technology keywords

07001002 Animal Production / Husbandry

Market application codes

07004008 Other consumer products

Intellectual property rights

Patents granted

Comments, number and date of patent

Products manufactured by the company are protected by patents of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, certified by the authorities of the State Standard of Ukraine and have necessary sanitary-hygienic conclusions. The trademark certificates obtained.

Preferred countries

Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Egypt, Estonia, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey

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Type of partner sought

Company, legal entity. Fields of activities of potential partner: Trade (Bying/Selling). In the incubators two types of heaters are used: the lamp heater and heating cord. - The lamp heater (four lamps) combines the simplicity of the incubator's design and high temperature stability. - Heating power cord in combination with the fan and the air distributor ensures accuracy of temperature maintenance up to 0.1 degrees. Of all the incubators, which are produced in Ukraine, only these incubators are additionally equipped with a special hygienic pallet, made of special food grade plastic. Hygienic pallet protects the body from pollution by incubation products, are easy to clean and disinfect after the end of the incubation process, which significantly reduces the likelihood of young birds being infected with various diseases. Under the individual order we can produce incubators for reptiles and amphibians, as well as for the incubation of bee queens. From 2009 we started producing ovoscopes with with LED illumination that provide enhanced light output with minimum power (from 2 to 10 Watts).This product has no analogues in Ukraine and abroad. Since 2011 enterprise we started the production of incubators that do not require manual turning of eggs, with an improved air distribution system and maintainance of uniform temperature and humidity. This incubator provides a high (90%) hatchability at any time of the year.


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