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UK social enterprise producing world themed publications for children seeks partners for reciprocal production agreement

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A UK social enterprise has developed a range of content rich, world-themed resources that educate children on UN’s sustainable development goals. The publications put learning in a global context promoting critical thinking, tolerance, self-awareness and understanding of global issues. They seek partnership under joint reciprocation agreements with non government agencies, governing bodies, academia and commercial organisations interested in community relations/increasing environmental awareness

Offer description

Established in 2013 the UK based social enterprise brings a joined-up approach to global learning delivering ‘knowledge’ that fosters a renewed sense of responsibility & care designed to help future generations make more informed choices. The resources have been designed to complement education and learning and include a free monthly newspaper and a subscription only weekly news update. They are now developing a range of lesson plans and downloads that can easily be integrated into lessons in schools globally. The aim is to help children recognise that everything we as individials do has consequences and that by making simple changes to the way we live our lives can make a huge difference to the world. Through its publications the enterprise provides a unique opportunity to help effect social change through education that transcends the boundaries of age, gender, language and classroom and helps foster a renewed sense of responsibility and care for all of mankind. The enterprise objectives are to: • empower children through greater understanding of critical cultural, social and environmental issues , so that we can effect social change • become the global education resource of choice and play a role in shaping the curriculum of tomorrow • work in partnership with organisations outside the UK across Europe and internationally to ensure that the goals and objectives of the UN’s sustainable development goals are met. Looking to become the 'go-to' global educational resource for children they seek partnership under joint reciprocation agreements with non government agencies, governing bodies, academia and commercial organisations interested in improving community relations/increasing environmental awareness. The desired outcome of the joint reciprocation is as follows: • enhance/drive the content of the publications to achieve greater revenue that can be re-invested into projects aimed at engaging disadvantages children in society • work in partnership with organisations to develop a multi-lingual and digital platform for mobile use and to achieve greater global engagement.

Innovations and advantages

The founder of the enterprise has over 35 years business experience. 25 years of working globally for some of the world’s biggest IT brands and a further 10 years business management experience working within a pioneering clean energy start up. The enterprise was created to bring global education to life and ignite a passion for lifelong learning that goes beyond the classroom. There are over 2 billion children in the world. In the UK alone there are some 8.4 million children in education and over 3 million of these are enrolled in secondary education in the countries 24,000 state funded schools. The publications and resources offered can already easily be rolled out across other English speaking countries including, but not limited to America (50 million children) Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Working in partnership with organisations around the world the offering, resources and website can be translated so it is multi-lingual with global appeal. The enterprise believes that it has an important role to play as companies, organisations and governments look to adopt and implement best practices that will satisfy the needs of the consumer within a truly sustainable framework that works to protect people, place & planet. Through collaboration the enterprise looks to grow from strength to strength and is, as a business model, one that could be easily replicated.

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The enterprise seeks partnerships under joint reciprocation agreements active in the following sectors Specifically: • partnership with university/education institutes/non government agencies interested in exploring/developing collaborative thinking strategies around educating children on the UN’s sustainable development goals. Aim to strengthen the publications/resources. • commercial organisations/governing bodies wishing to promote global education to inform/educate future generations, able to provide critical content on global issues. • educational technology developer/provider with expertise/resources to support web platform development to facilitate global platform development and multi-lingual capabiltiy. Its is intended that each party will be self financed, the social enterprise will make available their intellectual property (core content/research/tools) in return for collaborative project work for mutual benefit.


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