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UK SME specialising in the design and manufacture of fruit and vegetable storage and quality control products seeks distribution partners

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This long-established UK SME designs and manufactures storage and quality control products for use by fruit and vegetable producers. Its range of products helps to reduce post-harvest losses, increase the quality of the produce, save time and energy. The company is seeking to establish new distribution agreements with profitable, experienced businesses that have a successful track record of supplying the agricultural sector, specifically to farmers, growers and fruit distribution specialists.

Offer description

This UK company has developed many agri-tech solutions to help solve key crop-producing issues, and in response to market needs they have designed and manufactured a range of products to maximize the potential profits of fruit and vegetable farmers, growers and fruit distributors. The requirement was for practical low-cost solutions that will contribute to reducing post-harvest waste, which has a direct impact on the profitable performance of the business. The range of products includes: Ventilation systems with high-efficiency fans for improved crop storage which will prolong the life and quality of the crop whilst in storage. The ventilation systems are retrospectively fitted into storage barns and warehouses and improve crop store ventilation by expelling warm, moist air and replacing it with cool, dry air. The systems can be either manually or automatically controlled with simple temperature monitoring or the latest cloud-based wireless control. As such the systems can be suitable for any level of user sophistication. An impact sensor device that records damage to delicate produce. Originally designed to monitor potato production losses, which can be as high as 60% of the harvested product, the device records product damage and highlights where losses are occurring throughout the entire post-harvest supply chain, leading to less waste and higher production yields. The device is made to replicate the shape of a particular fruit or vegetable and replicates the movement characteristics of the produce. The device is now available for the following crops: apple; avocado; carrot; sweetcorn, kiwi fruit; parsnip; potato; strawberry, peach; onion. The company is an experienced exporter already selling a separate range of products into Europe and elsewhere, and is now looking for new distribution agreements for this new innovative product range to further expand its international presence. They will provide full product training and support for the selected partners.

Innovations and advantages

The company's products are designed and manufactured in the UK and have been developed to be cost effective and economical, providing simple and effective solutions to reducing food waste and losses and improving post harvest storage. The products can be used by any size of farm, grower or fruit distributor. The impact sensor is designed specifically for individual fruit types and additional fruits can be added to the range subject to demand. According to FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN), global food production will need to increase by 70% by 2050 to feed the worlds increasing population. As such post harvest management and the control and reduction of post harvest waste will be critical in this target being met and the company's products can help achieve this.

Technology keywords

07001004 Crop Production
08002001 Detection and Analysis methods
08002002 Food Microbiology / Toxicology / Quality Control

Market application codes

09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Type of partner sought

The company is already selling a range of products internationally and is now looking for new distribution agreements for their post harvest management range. The distributors should be profitable and have a good history of increasing sales to businesses in the fruit and vegetable farming sector, fruit and vegetable growers and fruit distribution specialists. Full product training and business support will be provided. For the right partner an exclusive agreement will be considered, although this may be by region rather than country, depending on the size of the actual market.


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