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UK SME offers recombinant protein expression and production services

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A UK-based SME specialising in protein engineering in the drug discovery environment is offering its expertise in recombinant protein expression. The SME is offering its services to smaller companies developing actives in the pharmaceutical, agrichemicals and consumer markets. It is envisaged that the partnerships with these companies will take the form of services agreements.

Offer description

Active agents play an important part in various industries, especially the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the agrichemical and consumer products sectors. These compounds require active proteins for screening and optimisation assays. These proteins are often specifically engineered for a particular purpose or are otherwise very difficult to produce. This technical challenge can hinder the development process for new products by making this process long, and therefore expensive. A UK-based SME, whose staff has over 70 years of combined experience in the drug discovery sector, is offering its protein expression services to other SMEs, primarily in the pharmaceutical sector but also in the agrichemical and consumer products markets. The SME has considerable experience and expertise in the expression of proteins in E.coli, baculovirus/insect cells and mammalian cells. They are experts in finding the best expression vector / cell combinations to maximise protein production. They can work at scales from a few millilitres, to screen constructs, up to more than 20L to generate larger quantities. Proteins can be extracted from lysed cells or from culture supernatant, purified using all common purification methods and analysed using a range of methods for purity and identity. The SME's experience enables them to provide bespoke solutions for a client's individual project to achieve the best possible outcome. The SME is looking to partner with smaller companies, especially in the pharmaceutical sector but is also looking to work with companies operating in the agrichemicals and consumer products markets. The SME will provide its expertise in protein expression to assist the product development programmes of partner companies with the partnership envisaged as a services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The SME has extensive experience in the drug discovery sector, with its employees having over 70 years of combined experience in this field. This will enable the SME to use its accumulated knowledge to quickly determine the appropriate methodology for use in a client's individual project ensuring that their development candidates can be manufactured to the best quality possible. This level of expertise and the collaborative approach taken also enables the SME to provide clients with an in-depth analysis of their projects including optimisation of manufacturing methodology which will ensure high yield and therefore reduce costs. The expertise of the company will also enable the best production methodology to be developed for a client's individual project quickly and therefore save development time.

Technology keywords

06001015 Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs
06002001 Biochemistry / Biophysics
06002003 Enzyme Technology
06002004 Protein Engineering

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04005 Biochemistry / Biophysics
04007 Enzymology/Protein Engineering/Fermentation
05007002 Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals

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Area of partner's activity

The SME is looking to form partnerships with other SMEs that are developing active compounds in the fields of pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals and consumer products. The SME will provide its protein expression services to help partners with their development pipeline programmes. These partnerships are envisaged to take the form of services agreements.


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