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UK provider of tailored cash forecasting and ordering solutions looking for trade intermediaries

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A UK global outsourced cash management provider reducing costs & maximising availability via the optimisation of physical cash for financial institutions, ATM deployers and FX (Foreign Exchange) retailers. With 25 years' experience of managing the cash cycle, the company combines advanced site-by-site modelling with their team of highly qualified mathematical analysts. They are looking for commercial agency and/or service agreements to implement tailored cash forecasting and ordering solutions.

Offer description

This UK company is a global outsourced cash management provider and creates tailored cash supply chain forecasting, ordering and optimisation solutions for global clients to deliver material cost reductions via the optimisation of physical cash. They have over 20 years' experience of managing all, or parts of the cash cycle for clients across the globe. Their cash machine or automated teller machine (ATM) solutions manage all key aspects of the cost of cash within the cash cycle while ensuring availability to customers. The company also provides a revolutionary new approach to Financial Institution (FI) branch cash and foreign exchange (FX) management and optimisation. Rather than relying on standard forecasting techniques or basic software, the company combines advanced site-by-site modelling with their team of highly qualified mathematical analysts to create maximum value throughout the supply chain. The company reduces costs, optimises cash balances and maximizes availability; typically achieving costs reductions of between 20-35% in banking, cash in transit and interest charges for their clients. Benchmarking clients' cost of cash: - Experience has proven that the company delivers superior results versus standard software. - This is achieved by having a team of experienced mathematicians dedicated to providing a bespoke service in order to drive down clients' cost of cash. - From their accurate forecasting models the company actively manage the cash supply chain ensuring the optimal balance of cost versus cash availability. Unique Characteristics: - They are able to consider the range of significant factors that impact the cost of cash. Their analysts constantly monitor events, dynamically adapting forecasts, and add value by providing consultancy and proactive suggestions on improving efficiency and service. - They recognise that each ATM estate, and indeed each ATM, is unique. That is why the company create a bespoke cash forecasting and management solution for each client. This contrasts with standard software products which tend to be generic with modular applications. In summary, the UK company provides a dynamic cash management solution that combines sophisticated systems with expert analysis to optimise the balances for each individual site - reducing clients' costs and risk. To expand their services the company is looking to partner with organisations via commercial agency and/or service agreements to implement tailored cash forecasting and ordering solutions.

Innovations and advantages

A number of factors combine to make this UK company unique, such as independence, specialisation, customised solutions, proprietary systems and human insight. As a truly independent organisation, the company is free from any conflict of interest that might be presented by an organisation within the supply chain (such as a carrier or bank). They are therefore able to align their interests with clients' and can work alongside any existing supply chain arrangements. The company's sole dedicated focus is providing cash management services to clients in order to materially reduce the cost of physical cash and maximize availability. Clients benefit from 20 years' of built-up experience in this discipline. In summary, the UK company deliver: - Optimised cash balances - Reduced Armored Transport charges - Lower banking charges - Improved market intelligence and operational transparency - Process enhancements - Removed unnecessary administration time - 24 hour support The company's systems are designed, developed and built by in-house experts that deliver unique and flexible solutions. Keeping everything in-house will enable the company to continuously innovate and improve their systems to ensure that the right solutions are maintained for changing needs. They know the data produced by any system requires interpretation, analysis and management to achieve results. The company combine their sophisticated systems with expert mathematicians and consultants with knowledge built up over 20 years. This knowledge enables the company to make informed recommendations that incorporate a wide range of considerations from seasonal trends, to local events, supplier management to ATM models, geographic spread to weather conditions.

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07002005 Other retailing
07005005 Travel agencies and services
09002003 Banking
09002006 Other finance, insurance and real estate
09003005 Consulting services

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- Type of partner sought: end user businesses or industry partners - Specific area of activity of the partner: Applicable to multiple sectors - Task to be performed by the partner sought: Review the offering and assess suitability for future partnership


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