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UK producer of specialist nutritional supplements for the over fifty year olds seeks distributors in new markets

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A UK SME has developed a range of nutritional supplements specifically designed for the over fifty year olds that focuses on musculoskeletal health. The company is becoming well established in the UK and now seeks distributors to introduce the products to new markets. The distributors should be companies already selling into pharmacies, supermarkets and other health outlets.

Offer description

As the body ages, it has different nutritional needs and in most cases, diet alone cannot fulfill these needs. Surveys have shown that the most important health factor for individuals to manage as they get older, is musculoskeletal health. When musculoskeletal health degenerates, an individual can quickly lose mobility and ultimately their independence. This UK based SME has developed a range of nutritional supplements for the over fifties that address four areas of health; bone health, muscle health(novel in this sector), joint health and fighting fatigue. The products are now on the shelves of a premium supermarket brand and are becoming well established in the UK. The company is looking to establish itself in new markets. They are looking for distribution services agreements with distributors who already sell and market into large pharmacy chains, supermarkets and other health outlets.

Innovations and advantages

The over 50s are 35% of the population and growing fast. They also account for 60% of the spending power and 90% of the wealth in the UK. Hence there is a significant market in the UK and elsewhere. The products are based on evidence based science and have been built up using data from recent studies on nutrient deficiencies in the older adults. Formulations have been specifically tailored to the over 50s changing needs. The four products are truly 'targeted' products for the over 50s ie they have been designed for the four aspects of musculo-skeletal health, namely bone health, joint health, muscle health and fighting fatigue. The brand is the ONLY brand in the UK with such targeted nutritional supplements specifically tailored for the over 50s. Each formulation contains the appropriate amount of carefully balanced nutrients to optimise over 50s health across these four key areas. In addition, every product also contains additional nutrients added at optimal levels to manage age related issues too, such as immunity, blood health, anti-oxidants etc. This means that every time a consumer picks a product for any particular area, they will get additional benefit and value. Products are made in the UK to Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) and BRC global standards grade A-the very highest quality standards. Currently the trademark is fully registered in the UK but also has undergone trademark readiness for National launches globally, when the need arises.

Market application codes

07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner sought - SME or larger distributor Area of activity of partner - distribution services for food, pharmaceuticals or other related products Tasks to be performed - evaluate brand for suitability


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