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UK manufacturer seeks distributors for LED contour tube lighting for architectural decoration

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The UK manufacturer of robust and efficient LED contour tube lighting for architectural decoration and design is looking for distributors in key territories including India, Brazil, Russia, Germany and France to support its strategic business expansion. Ideal distributors will be experienced in selling architectural, electrical/display or infrastructure products to major (“blue chip”) companies operating motorway service stations or retail, entertainment and fast-food outlets.

Offer description

This UK company’s main lighting product range was first brought to market in 2000 and has been developed into a range of products for functional and decorative use. The product is used as a replacement for inefficient neon lighting and cold cathode, with the typical 80% saving in electricity costs providing an additional incentive for customers to purchase it. The company offers prospective customers a payback analysis based upon savings of energy and maintenance and this can be very helpful for a distributor in securing an order. The company employs electronic creative engineers who support the development of the LED contour tube range with smart control equipment. This design capability allows the company to collaborate with building contractors and architectural agencies to fulfil the needs of the building project. The company’s existing client base includes multi-national publicly-owned (“blue chip”) businesses that operate: motorway service stations and petrol filling stations retail/shopping and entertainment centres fast-food outlets and restaurants cinemas and hotels Applications such as those described above are used frequently for attractively outlining or highlighting canopies or rooflines. To give an example of the potential scale of previous business opportunities, the company has provided its LED contour tube product to more than 1000 petrol stations worldwide for just one major corporation. The company recognizes that for opportunities outside the UK it would be inefficient to try to reach and work with all of the key influencers and decision-makers directly from the factory. The company is therefore looking for distributors in key countries, particularly India, Brazil, Russia, Germany and France to deliver sales growth and to offer high quality outreach and service to the customer base.

Innovations and advantages

UK manufactured to ISO 9001 by an in-house design team Over 400km of the company’s LED tube has been installed since 2000 Reliable and durable, vastly reducing maintenance issues with a typical 10 year lifespan Uses 80% less energy than traditional alternatives Available in a wide range of colours, plus colour matching to a customer’s corporate image Safe to touch and manufactured from recyclable materials, products are 100% recyclable and WEEE compliant Quick and easy to install. The company already exports to several countries and has good contacts with international corporations and brands. Existing and future enquiries from international customers will be forwarded to in-market distributors for effective and efficient handling.

Technology keywords

04007002 Lighting, illumination

Market application codes

09007003 Distribution of building products and systems
09007004 Engineering and consulting services related to construction

Comments, number and date of patent

UK Patent Granted

Preferred countries

Russian Federation

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Area of partner's activity

Commercial distributors are sought. An ideal distributor will be able to provide evidence of some understanding of LEDs and their use in architectural or retail surroundings, although training will be provided along with ongoing support and advice from the factory (including on frequently asked questions and answers). Partners will be established product distributors that already have built up their own customer bases and will be able to demonstrate that they have a good understanding of selling commercial lighting systems (ideally incorporating LEDs) to designers, architect practices, lighting consultants, sign manufacturers, project management and construction companies. It would be preferred if the distributor has experience of collaboration within construction projects including fuel service stations and retail park and shopping mall developments, cinemas and hotels. Sales aids and marketing literature will be made available but the local distributor will need to adapt any written material into local language where necessary.


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