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UK manufacturer of touchless electrostatic disinfection and sanitisation sprayers seeks agents and distributors or joint venture considered

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This UK company is looking for agents and distributors for their range of portable touch-less disinfectant and sanitisation spraying systems which use revolutionary electrostatic technology. The product is aimed at the commercial and infection prevention markets and is currently used in sectors such as schools and nurseries, cruise ships, gyms and hospitals.They are seeking agency and distribution agreements or a possible joint venture.

Offer description

A UK company which manufactures touch-less portable disinfectant and sanitisation spraying systems is looking for agents and distributors across Europe.They would also consider a joint venture with the right partner. This product uses revolutionary electrostatic technology where the spray solution is charged with electrostatics, meaning that the disinfectant will ‘wrap around’ the target in full 360 degree coverage, reach hidden surfaces and cover large areas quickly and effectively.The liquid is dispensed through portable sprayers which are lightweight and cordless so they can be taken anywhere. There are handheld and backpack models available and all are battery operated with four hours of usage time before recharging is required. The product is easy to use and prevents cross contamination with no need to touch or wipe surfaces manually with rags or cloths. The sprayers are also differentiated from others on the market as they are fitted with an adjustable nozzle that can determine the micron size of the droplets it propels. The spray systems are eco-friendly as the amount of disinfectant required is reduced compared to traditional sanitation methods. This product has already been implemented in various sectors such as cruise ships and airlines, schools and nurseries, gyms, hospitals and public transport with interest from many high profile brands.The company would be open to selling the sprayers themselves, the sprayers and cleaning solutions, or just the solutions on their own. The sprayers from this company retail at approximately a quarter of the price of their nearest rivals. The product range has huge growth potential with new products already in development. The company is now looking to expand further into Europe by engaging in new agency and distribution agreements.They would also consider a joint venture with the right partner.

Innovations and advantages

The product uses revolutionary electrostatic wrapping technology whereby the disinfectant solution is positively charged when sprayed onto the surface.Due to the charge, the liquid will adhere itself to the surface and will not create drips. The product offers complete 360 degree coverage, will cover large areas quickly and reach hidden surfaces also.The sprayers are touch-less meaning there is a much reduced chance of cross contamination than traditional sanitisation methods.

Technology keywords

03001001 Cleaning Technology

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05007007 Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)
07004008 Other consumer products
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Type of partner sought

The company requests an agent or distributor looking for a new revolutionary product to add to their existing portfolio. They are looking for enthusiastic partners for a long term relationship and brand building. The size of the partner is therefore not so important. The ideal partner would ideally have links to the public sector, leisure and travel industries and health and fitness companies. In return the partner can expect excellent product training and marketing tools, including a new product video and imagery. They are willing to support the new partner as much as possible to integrate the product into the marketplace. With regards to the the Joint Venture agreement, the UK company is looking for a partner to work on the co-development of a new type of disinfectant.


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