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UK experts in the design and development of wearable technology and services including flexible electronics seeks partners looking to develop new products and services for a services agreement or subcontracting agreement

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A UK based consultancy for the development of wearable technologies and services. It can start from a blank sheet of paper, develop the product and service concept and work through electronics design and manufacture and support businesses with value proposition and business strategy. The company seeks a services agreement or subcontracting agreements with partners in/ moving into the flexible electronics/wearable technology space needing to draw on their experience and expertise.

Offer description

This UK company was set up to address an increasing level of demand that is now being seen in the wearable technologies arena. It is able to offer the following services to companies looking to develop new products in the wearable technologies/flexible electronics area including: Product concept design Service concept design Electronics system design Product development planning Development of manufacturing plans Technology research Partnership formation Development of value propositions for new products Risk assessment of new product concepts Patent research Prototype/MVP(minimum viable product) development The company is currently working with a business with fundamental patents in the wearables space. Working closely with the client the company has quickly developed a compelling new product concept and business proposition. This has included the formation of the project team, organisation of product concepting workshop, identification of a suitable flexible display technology, rapid product mock up, manufacturing strategy, business development including the formation of critical business partnerships. Like many wearable products, a critical aspect of the project has been identification of services accompanying the product which in this case include the capture of customer data commonly referred to as big data. The consultancy has a particular interest in what it describes as wristphones which it believes will be the successor to smartphones and can be described as a wearable smartphone. It has significant amount of expertise in how such a product could be designed including the challenge of incorporating high capacity battery technology into a flexible product. The company seeks partners for a services agreement who are looking to move into the flexible electronics/wearable technologies arena and need skills currently not available in house to build their knowledge and develop new products and services. The company is also interested in subcontracting agreements with contractors already working in this field who need to bring in specific skills relating to wearable technologies on existing projects.

Innovations and advantages

The company has a wealth of experience in conventional electronics and flexible plastic electronics as well as business development expertise in the wearables space. This includes the identification of services that in many cases will form the profitable component in any solution as well as the development of critical business partnerships which are often a pre-requisite for entering new markets. The company has significant experience in flexible displays including OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), LED(Light Emitting Diode) and electrophoretic displays. Knowledge and experience of how to incorporate flexible displays in to flexible products is a particular strength as well as the driver electronics to support such displays . The consultancy uses a range of skilled consultants to support all aspects of product development in the wearable technologies area. This includes product designers, RF (radio frequency) designers and software engineers. This adds up to a single package of support (one stop shop) for new product development without the need to bring in other skills and expertise. The company can offer cost effective project delivery due to the low overheads of the company thus reducing overall product development costs. The team skills go beyond just technical capabilities in areas such as chip design and flexible electronics, they are also skilled in other key areas of product development such as business strategy, risk assessment, value proposition and patents meaning they are able to help businesses ensure the business and technical elements of a project have been adequately addressed.

Technology keywords

01002003 Electronic engineering
01002010 Printed circuits and integrated circuits

Market application codes

03001005 Microprocessors
03001007 Circuit boards
03001008 Display panels
03008004 Other electronics related (including alarm systems)

Intellectual property rights


Comments, number and date of patent

The company is highly skilled in the area of patents and are able to assist partners with their patent process

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Area of partner's activity

The company seeks partners for a services or subcontracting agreement who are looking to develop wearable technology solutions and who would like support in the process through all the stages of the product development. Services agreements – the company is ideally looking to work with larger consumer based electronics companies or medical technology companies (healthcare) on new product development but will consider other wearable technology projects from other sectors and sizes of business. Subcontractor agreements – the company is happy to work with contractors on larger wearable electronics projects to provide specific skills required for the project


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