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UK developer of customised 3D virtual environments for interactive avatar based e- learning, meetings and events using ProtoSphere software seeks services agreements

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A UK SME specialising in customised 3D virtual environments/virtual worlds for developing immersive e-learning solutions, virtual meetings/events and simulations of cultural or historical places of interest seeks services agreements with partners in need of high quality visualisation applications from industry, academia and the public sector.

Offer description

The company is the only developer of Protosphere 3D virtual environments in Europe and they have developed high quality solutions in a number of areas including: E-Learning • HR on-boarding for new recruits • Training solutions for hazardous environments • Training solutions for complex environments or complex subject matter for example: large assemblies, medical environments • Role play environments to simulate real situations such as customer service training. Each environment enhances the learning experience by offering a safe place to experience what delegates will experience in the “real world” and enables larger organisations to carry out training across multiple locations. Meetings • Board meetings • Team meetings • Meetings with customers & suppliers Meetings are enhanced with the use of interactive whiteboards, the ability to share documents and even have break out areas for a number of discussions to take place simultaneously in the same room. Events • Conferences • Exhibitions • Trade shows Offering the ability to significantly reduce the cost of physical events and the problems associated with finding venues. Trade shows and exhibitions can be left in place and visited whenever it is suitable and all with the ability to reach a much larger audience because there is no need to travel. Simulations and heritage In addition the software can be used to provide simulations of real life scenarios to enable users to visit and explore, to familiarise themselves in a virtual environment before attending in person. Increasingly cultural heritage sites want to provide an online experience to people unable to visit their museum or place of interest and this technology provides the ideal platform to offer a real life and immersive experience, with the ability for guided tours to be delivered remotely by experts. The company seeks partners looking to build 3D virtual worlds across any industry for a services agreement and would also be interested in collaborating in research projects requiring this type of visualisation method.

Innovations and advantages

The company works in partnership with developers of the market leading Protosphere 3D platform and hence has access to the latest developments in 3D virtual tools for collaboration and training. The company has a team of highly skilled 3D designers and developers with many years’ experience in this field. The 3D virtual environments developed by the company enable people from around the world to hold meetings/undertake training more regularly without the need for expensive and time consuming travel. The features of the software enhance collaborative working thus improving productivity of multinational teams. The Protosphere software platform enables the avatars to engage with others using a variety of methods such as gestures and movement rather than just speech and text, this makes the environment more engaging and realistic. The team have already developed solutions for a number of prestige clients including: BP Castrol EADS Innovation Pembrokeshire County Council nabim e2v Technologies Mobil The Home Office Swiss Bank Plextek Limited North Essex NHS Foundation Trust Skills for Care With recent changes to the software pricing model, the company is now able to offer affordable 3D world solutions to any size of business.

Technology keywords

01005001 Cultural Heritage
01005002 E-Learning
01005006 Visualisation, Virtual Reality

Market application codes

01001004 Other commercial communications
02002008 3D
02003 Specialised Turnkey Systems
02006009 Other computer services

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Type of partner sought

The company seeks partners for a services agreement looking to develop 3D virtual environments for meetings, conferences, e-learning environments, simulations or cultural projects from industry, the public sector or academia. The company would also be interested in collaborating in research/innovation projects such as Horizon 2020


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