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UK developer of a single account for truck parking and washing seeks fleet operators, freight transport and logistics companies for a services agreement

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A UK company who designs and supplies non-fuel payment solutions offers fleet operators freight and logistics companies a cashless payment system for services such as parking, washing,road tolls, recovery and repair with a centralised accounting platform and single invoice with no hidden charges. Services agreement is offered.

Offer description

The company who has been operating since 2008 has developed a cashless payment system that offers fleet managers the ability to manage non-fuel payments such as truck parking, truck washing, tolls and recovery or repairs that drivers incur without the need to deal with individual expense claims from each driver or for the driver to carry cash. Fleet operators who sign up to the system have access to: a) A list of all available parking and washing facilities that participate in the cashless payment scheme which is available as hard copy or via the accompanying free application available to all drivers with a smart phone (Android or iOS). b) The ability to pay tolls on the UK Dartford Crossing and never be at risk from a penalty charge notice (fine). c) A centralised secure web portal where all transactions will be billed d) The payment system can be customised for either Pounds Sterling or Euros. e) Monthly invoicing of bills f) A driver helpline to support drivers in finding suitable parking g) Depot sites with pre-bookable secure parking h) A range of roadside recovery and repair services i) A daily check feature built into the mobile application to help drivers conduct legally required daily checks and save proof these have been carried out back to the haulage company web portal. j) A feature built into the mobile application to allow drivers to record proof or properly secured loads which can be uploaded to the haulage company web portal k) The ability for drivers to be able to report accidents with pictures and store this report via the mobile app directly to the haulage company web portal In addition fleet operators can earn income from unused space in their yards allowing the 40,000 users of the system to reserve spaces on-line using their license plate number. The supplier also offers inter-depot truck parking management systems which provide large fleet operators with an extremely efficient way of managing parking in multiple depots in multiple countries at a very low cost The company has an extensive network of participating suppliers across the UK and plans to develop the network across Europe during 2016 The company seeks partners in the fleet operations field with a fleet of trucks travelling across Europe who would like to streamline their non-fuel payments or those with yards looking to raise revenue by offering unused space for secure overnight parking to the 40,000 users of the system for a services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The company offers fleet operators, freight and logistics companies the following advantages: • A cashless payment system for drivers with no surcharges or monthly fees unlike many other card based payment services. • The system simplifies parking, washing and toll payments for drivers through the use of the license plates thus ensuring the right vehicle is charged only for the services used • All parking, washing, toll or repair/recovery charges are billed directly to the fleet operator with one single invoice thus streamlining payments, saving time and money. • A smart phone application for drivers helps them locate parking and washing facilities, find prices and identify whether there are spaces thus making it easier and quicker for drivers to find secure parking. • Additional application features allows drivers to record they have completed daily vehicle checks which are uploaded to the fleet operator’s dedicated portal where they can be kept for company records to meet legal requirements. • A dedicated UK call number open until 10pm every night offering drivers information on their nearest participating parking facility. • An established business model with tried and tested systems that the company uses with over 1,500 fleet operators across the UK and Europe. • Pre-booking facilities at depot sites which are usually other fleet operator yards offering high levels of security and a guaranteed parking space. • Unique system in use with over 40,000 drivers offers efficiency and cost savings. • Additional options include being able to offer a unique space reservation system which enables fleet operators to earn income from unused space in their yards on a real-time basis. Available spaces can be flexed daily or even hourly and allow the 40,000 users to reserve a space on-line using their licence plate number; when they arrive security staff can see the vehicle is authorised and all administration/payment is handled automatically.

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Albania, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom

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Type of partner sought

The company seeks fleet operators, haulage companies and transport logistics companies with a fleet of vehicles that operate across Europe for a services agreement . Ideally partners will be those that are looking to find more cost effective ways to manage non-fuel payments including parking and washing and can see the benefits of a centralised, cashless system, or those looking to earn money from offering available space in their yards.


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