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UK consultancy specialising in colloid science offers research facilities and consultancy on outsourcing/service agreement basis

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UK colloid science consultancy with a track record in knowledge transfer from the laboratory to the marketplace offers technological excellence in colloid/surface science and a range of scientific techniques/specialist equipment for: •rheological measurements •particle size/size distribution •structural properties •electrochemical properties of surfaces •interfacial measurements •formulation/shelf-life stability Collaboration is sought for an outsourcing or service agreement.

Offer description

Colloid science is a cross cutting discipline which is implicit in a vast array of products across a range of market sectors. The UK colloid science consultancy company provides solutions to formulation and processing problems for companies worldwide to support new product development/optimisation, measurement/analysis and research for innovation. The team’s technical expertise spans multiple technologies from pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and agrochemicals to printing inks, coatings and oil recovery. The company can provide scientific measurements, understanding, theoretical interpretation and development of prototype systems/demonstrators that could be scaled up to commercial products and services. Input can be given on product/process improvement or “fixing” if problems have arisen in a current technology. Protocols to monitor product performance and identify potential performance failures can be developed for quality assurance purposes. The extensive range of technical services available includes: • sample characterisation and simple measurements • reverse engineering of products and processes • development of new formulations • in-depth problem solving and research for innovation • patent and literature studies and expert witness • training and development solutions The range of scientific techniques and specialist equipment includes: • rheological measurements – viscosity profiles; creep recovery; oscillatory rheology; measurements conducted at high temperature or high pressure; simple U-tube viscometry. • particle size and size distribution - photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS) with variable/multi-angle; static light scattering; laser diffraction; focused beam reflectance method; electron microscopy (TEM and SEM including cryo handling) and EDX. • structural properties - surface area by multipoint BET; micropore analysis; optical microscopy with crossed polars and/ or hot stage; confocal and atomic force microscopy; X-ray scattering (including small angle); pulse field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance; mercury intrusion porosimetry. • electrochemical properties of surfaces - laser doppler electrophoresis; streaming potential determination and particle surface charge by conductimetric/potentiometric titrations; dynamic mobility and zeta potential in concentrated aqueous and non-aqueous dispersions using acoustophoresis. • interfacial measurements - ring and plate tensiometry for surface tension, interfacial tension and washburn measurements and automatic titration for rapid critical micelle concentration determination; drop shape analysing for contact angle; bubble pressure tensiometry for dynamic surface tension measurements. • formulation - extensive background knowledge in the preparation of many types of colloidal systems including: well-characterised, low polydispersity polymer lattices, silica particles and metal sols; novel dispersions such as microgels and particles with magnetic or specified electrochemical properties; surfactant and polymer systems for the production of stable emulsions, foams or thin films. Using formulaction turbiscan the company can quantify the stability of systems for both analysis and quality control purposes. Other capabilities: the company also has access to the following: • gas chromatography mass spectroscopy (GCMS); • high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC); • differential scanning calorimetry (DSC); • thermogravimetric analysis (TGA); • small angle neutron scattering (SANS); • x-ray crystallography; • mass spectroscopy and analytical NMR. • atomic force microscopy (AFM). • other analytical techniques may also be available. The company offers collaboration on outsourcing or service agreement basis.

Innovations and advantages

The company has the capability to design and carry out a programme of research to investigate an existing or inherited product or process, with or without an associated problem, in order to generate a level of knowledge that will help partners to trouble-shoot should a problem arise, outperform competitors by developing new and innovative products and comply with regulatory bodies or restricting environmental protocols. Capabilities include: Expert advice - able to provide evidence/advise about the scale up and manufacture of products: • toll manufacture • scale up solutions Expertise, equipment and research consultancy for: • expert witness • patent checking • reviewing Technology audits - the consultancy can carry out a technical audit of specific instruments on behalf of clients to determine the limitations instruments, the advantages and disadvantages of this with a client’s materials and carry out experiments to compare between two or more different instruments. Development of marketing materials - the consultancy can offer impartial testing of products and comparison studies against competitor products. They have experience of campaigns with numerous companies where scientific marketing material is required, either to persuade customers to purchase their products or to secure external funding to develop the product or brand. The data that provided is always scientifically justified and can be used to highlight to customers just how well a product performs.

Technology keywords

05001001 Analytical Chemistry
05001003 Inorganic Chemistry
05001004 Organic Chemistry
09001002 Analyses / Test Facilities and Methods
09001003 Chemical material testing

Market application codes

04005 Biochemistry / Biophysics
04017 Micro- and Nanotechnology releated to Biological sciences
06001006 Chemicals and materials
07004008 Other consumer products
08001023 Other chemicals and materials (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

The company offers collaboration on outsourcing or service agreement basis to support innovative research and development in formulation science, colloid science and nanotechnology. Partners sought include academia, clinical research organisations and industry in the following sectors: • materials • chemistry • foods and industrial bio-technology Collaborations could be centred on new product development and optimisation, measurement and analysis and research for innovation.


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