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UK company that develops precision measurement and inspection tools for areas such as confined spaces, ducts and pipework enabling the provision of software reporting and analysis solutions to a variety of sectors seeks licence and manufacturing partners

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This innovative UK company operating predominantly in the oil and gas sector for over ten years has developed a number of measurement and inspection technologies with precision reporting and analysis software providing the detection and analysis of defects in some of the most inaccessible spaces such as ducts, pipes, pipe ends, and pipe exteriors across a wide range of sectors which include oil and gas, aerospace and nuclear. The company are seek partners for license or manufacturing agreements

Offer description

This is an award-winning company based in the East of England which has been operating since 2004. The company has been innovating technology to provide accurate measurement solutions, software reporting and analysis which pinpoints the extent of defects to enable decisions to be made about the most effective solutions in inaccessible areas. This has been possible due to its in-house R&D, engineering, software development and analysis teams. The technology can be used for precision measurement or to advance visual inspection of asset conditions such as shape, ovality, wear, dents, protrusions, wrinkling, oxidisation, discolouration, corrosion or erosion. The areas of operation are confined spaces or difficult to reach locations such as ducts, pipes, pipe ends and pipe exteriors. Typically the company have operated in the oil and gas sector but there are other sectors such as nucler and aerospace in which the application of accurate dimensional measurement, inspection and surveying of pipes or similar structures is required Services include: • Crawler inspection systems • Comprehensive visual and 3-D surveys • Pipe end dimensioning services • Pipe fit-up analysis and optimisation • Full range of metrology products Competencies: • Experts in metrology • Innovative and pragmatic design of instruments and delivery systems • Technical analysis capability • Operational expertise to include procedures, training personal and logistics. • Excellent client knowledge and comprehension of commercial requirements. • Expertise in finding solutions to meet client needs. Sectors the company operates in: • Power and energy • Transportation • Utilities • Construction • Defence The company has been working globally for over 10 years with an established route to market, network and operations. It has worked with a number of large multinational oil companies, shipping, automotive and aerospace company. These include: AMEC, BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Gillette, Mars, Mercedes-Benz, Shell, Skanska, Technip and Welsh Slate. The company is looking to work with partners under a manufacturing and licence agreement partners would typically be companies who already had clients in oil and gas, nuclear or aerospace sectors.

Innovations and advantages

The company have experience of working with a number of top businesses and have a good reputation particularly in the Oil and Gas Sector. The company are ISO 9001 accredited and are working towards ISO45001 accreditation. The in-house engineering, R&D and software teams give the business a competitive edge to design and build new products and adapt existing ones swiftly. The team have their own training facility on site.

Current stage of development

The company has a number of innovative products which they have developed and they would like to look at further development and enhancement of the software and tools under a manufacturing and licence agreement

Technology keywords

02004 Plant Design and Maintenance
04002012 Other energy related machinery
09001002 Analyses / Test Facilities and Methods
09001008 Other Non Destructive Testing

Market application codes

06001004 Equipment and instrumentation
06003008 Other alternative energy
06007001 Other energy production

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Type of partner sought

The company is seeking a collaborative organisation to partner with enabling the exploitation of core competences and the broadening of mutual client base. The partner should have contacts in the oil and gas, nuclear and aerospace sectors who may benefit from the expertise of the company. They could be in engineering, pipe production, robotics The company are ISO 9001 accredited and are working towards ISO45001 accreditation. Partner companies would also need to have these accreditations.


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