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UK company specialising in medical device design, development and manufacture is offering a manufacturing or services agreement to businesses looking for expertise to support development of new innovative products for the health care market

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UK company based in the north east of England specialising in the design and development of new innovative medical devices. The company is looking for commercial opportunities where they can use their expertise to design and develop innovative new products for the health care market. The company are looking to expand their client base into the European market and are offering a manufacturing agreement or services agreement.

Offer description

The company specialises in the provision of innovative products and process improvements to the National Health Service (NHS) and wider care industry. The business is a joint venture between a highly innovative award winning SME, a large NHS Foundation Trust and a private company which is also based in the north east of England and who are a world leading design and manufacturing company. Such a unique partnership is highly beneficial as it provides an ideal platform to capture new ideas and the skills of internal NHS resources, to ultimately improve patient care whilst driving efficiencies and reducing costs. The company's innovation may be driven by a specific need, or a bright idea from colleagues within a number of NHS Trusts or wider networks. The company operates as a funnel for innovation, both collating ideas from professionals within the NHS to solve challenges and improve patient care and also creating innovation directly to produce prototypes for improved and novel/unique products. Having unprecedented support and access to the NHS needs and issues is valuable in the development of such products. The company's ideas come from the heart of the NHS and are designed to deliver measurable improvements to patient comfort and safety. By listening to clinicians, catering teams and other professionals, the company can develop quality solutions. These solutions are designed and created with the utmost care and are tested by the people who work within the hospital environment. They are uniquely formed using continuous design input by the people who need and use them most. The current business model of the company feeds revenue back into the NHS to enable further investment into developing innovative new products and processes to help improve the care and safety of patients. The company has unprecedented access to highly skilled NHS resource which is utilised during the project development phase, and also during trials and testing within the NHS environment. The company is uniquely positioned within the medical device design industry. Previous project example to demonstrate capabilities: Beverage Trolley The company aren't the first business to produce a beverage trolley – but first to bring an award- winning solution to the NHS that ticks all the boxes on their wish list. The company developed a new beverage trolley with the staff at a local hospital to improve efficiency for the NHS, reduce purchase costs and also to make sure drinks can be served hot constantly, to avoid any customer complaints. The trolleys have been in use in this hospital since 2012. The trolley meets all infection control requirements and customers can add their own designs to the printed panels which can be changed in seconds to accommodate sponsor or seasonal messages. The trolleys are being manufactured by a world class manufacturer, at its factory in the north east of England. The new trolley has attracted enquiries from the wider NHS and other sectors and the company is now capturing this commercial opportunity, with the first batch of trolleys currently in production. The company is seeking new European partners and is offering a manufacturing or services agreement to businesses who require the skills and expertise offered to support the design, development and manufacture of new innovative products for the health care market. The company is offering its expertise to medical device manufacturers and health care providers to design and develop innovative solutions to their specific requirements.

Innovations and advantages

The company is based on one of the UKs fastest growing Science Parks and also has an office within a large National Health Service (NHS) trust. It is also part of a huge technology transfer network. The company offers; - innovative ideas - the advantage of being a partner with a large NHS foundation trust - ability to manufacture innovative new products through their partnership with a world leading design and manufacturing company - access to clinical trials and professional resources

Technology keywords

11009 Creative products

Market application codes

05004001 Electromedical and medical equipment
05004003 Laboratory equipment
05004006 Surgical instrumentation and equipment

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner sought - Private or public sector, academic or research organisation. Specific area of activity - Healthcare device design, healthcare provider. Tasks to be performed - Investigate manufacturing / services agreements for design, development and manufacture of new healthcare products.


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