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UK company specialising in aerial services using drone technology is offering its expertise for inspections, surveys and emergency response

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UK company based in the north east of England specialising in the provision of aerial services using UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) is offering UAV expertise to carry out asset inspections, 2D/3D land and building surveying, volumetric analysis as well as 4K HD aerial cinematography. A services agreement is offered to European partners in the oil and gas, power and utilities, wind and solar industries and also emergency services, government agencies security and disaster management.

Offer description

This UK company based in the north east of England is a ‘disruptive technology’ business, which operates unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones. They are situated in a ‘technology hub’ which provides unique access to high-end tech and digital companies as well as university research and development. The company provides solutions for a wide range of sectors including oil and gas, petrochemical, renewables, surveying and property management/asset integrity, agriculture and emergency response. Services offered include asset inspection, 2D/3D land and building surveying, volumetric analysis, as well as 4K HD aerial cinematography. Inspections The company can carry out asset integrity inspections using optical and thermal cameras to produce a variety of high-resolution images and videos, which are taken directly during flight. Using the most up to date technology, inspections can be carried out quickly and safely on the most challenging of assets, eliminating the need for expensive scaffolding or people working at heights mitigating the risks and hazards. The UAVs can complete a full survey of a building with a 4K resolution camera and a thermal camera attached to the UAV. Live video from the UAV can be accessed by the inspector allowing analysis to begin immediately. A full ‘area of concern report’ is produced for the client as well as full access to the flight videos. Used as part of a preventive maintenance regime significant cost reductions can be achieved. Hazardous industrial assets and pipelines can be challenging to inspect, with most systems having to be shut down or running at a minimum which can cost companies tens of thousands of pounds per day and expose inspectors to potential risk. The UAV technology allows the asset to continue operating while the inspection takes place, enabling companies to save time, cut costs, and reduce risk. Survey 3D models of a large area or buildings can be created allowing for accurate replication of field conditions. 2D orthomasic models of large sites can also be created allowing surveyors and engineers to evaluate in numerous ways. Detailed colorised digital elevation models can be produced with geo-referencing embedded into the file. Using a combination of fixed and rotary wings, UAVs can compile comprehensive data and high-resolution images thus producing realistic models at a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost. Emergency The company can deploy multiple sensor technology, providing situational awareness for informed incident command to the following organisations; Emergency services Government agencies Security and surveillance Disaster management Military UAVs can be used to give responders a new perspective when assessing the site of an accident, providing the ability to take a picture or video which may identify dynamically changing situations from the air that may not be evident to ground based commanders. The company can integrate sensor technology into UAVs, such as zoom cameras, thermal imaging, gas detection and if required by the client persistent (tethered) solutions can be provided allowing for virtually unlimited flight times. The company is offering a services agreement and is interested in collaborating with European partners in oil and gas, power and utilities, wind and solar industries and also emergency services, government agencies security and disaster management.

Innovations and advantages

The company provides a safe solution to unmanned aerial requirements, pilots are fully trained through leading NQE (National Qualified Entity) providers in the UK; RUSTA (Rheinmetall Unmanned Systems Training Academy) BNUCs (Basic National UAS Certificate for Small Unmanned Aircraft) Resource Group Permission for aerial work from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has been granted. The company is able to respond quickly and professionally to clients’ needs providing rapid decision-making and cost effective, time saving and safe solutions. Utilising the latest in UAV technology the company is at the forefront of this industry, which is growing rapidly, novel and innovative uses for UAVs are being presented on a monthly basis. The company aspires to utilise those innovations whilst developing their own applications in parallel.

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Partners sought The company is interested in collaborating with European partners in oil and gas, power and utilities, wind and solar industries and also emergency services, government agencies security and disaster management and is offering a services agreement. The company is also seeking like-minded companies, with STEM capabilities who would like to collaborate and companies who have innovative ideas for UAV/drone use and who wish to collaborate in R&D.


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