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UK company offering a range of waste container cleaning machinery and services is looking for distributors and agents.

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UK company with a very strong reputation and brand is offering waste containers’ cleaning machinery, equipment and vehicles for distribution or representation by commercial agents.

Offer description

UK company with a very strong reputation and brand is offering bin cleaning machinery and services for distribution or representation by commercial agents. The company developed its business as a master franchise in the UK, then USA, Australia, and Southern African countries and grew from offering domestic bins cleaning services to be able to clean any type and size of waste containers. In 2014, interest from Poland triggered a change of business model for specific markets in Eastern Europe. Due to the various requirements of the potential customers (municipalities in particular) and the changes in national legislation (requiring that domestic and commercial waste containers are cleaned) the waste management sector grew and contacted the UK company to ask for opportunities to work together. The franchising model proved to be unsuitable and the company worked hand in hand with its Polish partner to develop a new business model, where the Polish representative would identify waste management contacts and secure contracts. The representative also helped the company design new models for its machinery and cleaning vehicles, to adapt to the demand in terms of the size, quantity and type of waste containers and how often the cleaning needed to happen. Based on this new model, the UK company realised that it needs to work with local representatives, which could be distributors or agents in order to expand to other EU countries. The market of waste cleaning services is enormous and thanks to its different type of cleaning machinery and equipment that can be added on, the company is looking at opportunities with waste management companies bidding for public contracts with municipalities, hospital waste disposal, industrial waste and restauration containers. The company has already found representation in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia and is now interested in finding suitable partners in other parts of Europe and beyond.

Innovations and advantages

The 20 year old company started as a “business in a box”, and exports globally its master franchise and brand. It created its own way of master licensing abroad. It offers cleaning services for any type of waste containers, from domestic wheelie bins to large commercial and industrial waste containers. The company is constantly innovating and react to market demand by designing and developing its own range of cleaning machinery and vehicles. The value of its brand is enormous and has been a key factor in attracting potential partners. It uses environmentally friendly cleaning (biodegradable) products and processes. For instance, the cleaning machines have been specifically designed to include an on-board water recycling plant and only require 240 litres of water for a full day of work. The machine also has its own water extraction system (to dry the bins) which recycles the water. The company works hand in hand with a specialised UK manufacturer for the design and production of its cleaning machinery. These can be vehicle based, static, or purpose built, according to the needs of the wide range of customers They have proven that they are very flexible and adaptable to the market demands: from its original first vehicle to its latest 4th version, design to market took only 15 months.

Technology keywords

02002001 Cleaning (sandblasting, brushing)
02002003 Drying

Market application codes

07005006 Other consumer services (including photo processing)
08003004 Industrial trucks and tractors
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery
08004003 Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for distributors for its cleaning machinery, vehicles and equipment, who understand and can sell and convey the exhaustive service offer from the UK company. The distribution models can be varied depending on the type of opportunities they have access to. Potential partners will have extensive knowledge and experience in the waste management market, which could be sector specific (restauration and food, domestic waste, municipalities, industrial waste, medical and hospitals,etc) and access to the right contacts for public procurement and commercial opportunities. They need to be excellent communicators in order to explain the trends in the market to the UK company and work with them in designing/adapting the right model of machineries for the targeted market. They must speak good English. The company is not interested in companies based in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia as it is already represented there.


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