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UK company manufacturing energy saving building membranes for construction and agricultural units is looking for agents and distributors

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The UK company manufactures a range of reflective foils, solutions to meet the thermal insulation performance requirements for agricultural buildings. They are looking for agents and distributors across Europe to sell their high performance membranes to the poultry and other livestock building markets.

Offer description

The two sided single foil is used as a heat reflective lining. It is engineered to provide a cost effective insulation system that improves conditions inside poultry houses, increasing flock health and growth ratios by helping to reduce the detrimental effects associated with heat or cold stress, gas build-up, biological contaminants and cross infection. The foil membrane can be draped either over or under the poultry house rafters, resulting in more than 96% of the radiating energy will being blocked reducing stress to the birds. The system performs the same function when fitted to walls and can act as a vapour barrier helping to stop the ingress of outside humidity . The product reflects in upwards of 96% of the infrared energy striking its tarnish resistant surface. The liner’s surfaces have a low emissivity of only 0.045. Increased stress on indoor reared birds usually results in longer production cycles and higher feed input for a given growth rate or egg laying capacity. During hot weather, heat stress caused by infrared energy from the sun striking the poultry house roof will exacerbate the problem. The sun's heat conducts through the roof then radiates directly from its underside as infrared energy onto the birds below. The additional heat also increases harmful gasses by facilitating microbe action in the litter. In hot climates, the most critical time of year for egg yields and growing times is in the heat of summer when temperatures easily exceed 27ºC. In colder and temperate climates maintaining heat in the cooler months is the main criteria. Control of the poultry house environment by installing the membrane, growing times for flocks can be decreased and bio security systems enhanced. In cold climates 30% of energy costs can be saved, when the foil system is installed. The installed system acts as a total water and air barrier and can take pressure cleaning up to 207 bar at a distance of 300 mm. It is easily sanitised as it can be cleansed using an approved disinfectant or pressured cleaning techniques.

Innovations and advantages

The advantages of fitting the reflective foil in a poultry house: - Allows much easier environmental control over temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting and airflow. - Increased rearing capacity in a given physical area, from 8-9 chickens per square metre to 15 chickens or from 3.6 chickens per square metre to 5-6 chickens. - Can increase the weight of a chicken from 40 grams at one day old to 2.6kg at 42 days. - Decreased rearing period of chickens from 49-50 days to 43-44 days - Increased egg production when using lighting controls. - Disease control. Decreased mortality rate of 6% - 8% and promotion of chicken health. - Prevents methane and carbon dioxide gases produced by external sources from migrating into the building. - Reduces energy costs

Market application codes

09007002 Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems

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Type of partner sought

The UK company is looking for agents or distributor who are experienced in the construction sector and also a company who may sell to the agricultural industry. A knowledge of insulation materials would be useful. Tear resistant tensile MD of 6.620kN/m. Puncture resistant beach puncture of 40.1kg-cm Moisture resistant moisture/vapour transmission rate of 0.021 g/m2. Roll size 1.25 x 96m - 120m2 roll weighs only 18.00 kg, Chemical resistant tested with approved concentrated disinfectants Pressure wash resistant 207 bar at 300mm Corrosion resistant unique surface coating UV resistant, testing for the equivalent of 30 years with 100% humidity, and 100% UV Temperature resistant AgriLiner. = minus 40.C to plus 90.C Temperature range = minus 37.C to plus 127.C Cross laminated hardly stretches


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