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UK biological company is offering healthcare distributors or health care organisations its single-channel coagulation analyser unit used for cost effective INR (international normalized ratio) testing

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UK company who manufacture a single-channel mechanical analyser for processing routine tests such as PT, aPTT, Fibrinogen and clotting assays are looking to expand their global network. The cost effective INR testing system can be used in a range of health care environments such as hospital out-patient clinics, pharmacy test centres, GP surgeries and health centre clinics. Company is looking to supply to distributors in the health care sector and directly to healthcare organisations.

Offer description

Founded in 2002, this biological company occupies purpose built premises in the north east of England. The company is involved in all areas of coagulation and platelet aggregation and have built an extensive global network of distributors from south America to Asia. The company has developed a highly advanced single-channel INR (international normalized ratio) test system which is used for processing routine tests such as PT (partial thromboplastin), aPTT (activated partial thromboplastin time), fibrinogen and clotting assays. The user-friendly system combines robustness with reliability making it ideal for use in hospital clinics, GP surgeries and pharmacies. The unit has a proven ability to rapidly analyse a single test sample at the touch of a button, providing high quality, reliable INR reading results which maximise the efficacy across practices that use it. The unit is widely recognised as one of the most advanced yet cost effective solutions for anti-coagulation monitoring in the market place. The system uses an industry renowned capillary reagent kit, one of the leading wet chemistry reagents used in Warfarin management in the UK. The kit is quick and easy to use and gives test results in less than two minutes. The capillary reagent test used in combination with the INR testing system costs as little as 50p per test to undertake, saving clinics approximately £50 per patient per year when compared to testing systems that use dry chemistry strips. The company is looking to expand their global network and supply their single channel INR test system to medical distributors and health care organisations globally. The company is offering the following partnership agreements; Distribution services agreement to distributors in the health care sector. Services agreement to supply directly to healthcare organisations.

Innovations and advantages

Advantages and features of the INR testing system; • The system costs as little as 50p per test to undertake saving clinics approximately £50 per patient • Rapidly analyses a single test sample at the touch of a button • Produces reliable INR reading results • Ball method with one measuring channel • Automatic INR calculation • Storage of the last 100 results • Pulse operation for detection of low fibrinogen samples • Two sample pre-incubation stations • Two reagent pre-warm station • Data output to relevant anti-coagulant management software, a thermal printer or display • Two row high definition graphic display • English, German and Chinese languages available. Others on request.

Current stage of development

The unit is an open system which could therefore be further developed with an expanded panel of tests.

Technology keywords

06001005 Diagnostics, Diagnosis

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05007004 Monitoring equipment

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Partners Sought Medical distributors Health care organisations Partnership agreements - Distribution services agreement offered to supply to medical distributors for re-sale to organisations in the health care sector - Services agreement offered to sell directly to health care organisations


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