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UK based translation and interpreting agency specialised in the Italian and UK markets is looking to develop effective partnerships and establish services' agreements

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London based translation and interpreting agency, specialised in the Italian and UK markets offers a wide range of services from simultaneous interpreting to first class document translations. Thanks to its support network comprising of over 1,200 qualified linguists, these services are offered in over 150 languages. This company is offering its expertise and highly skilled resources to business from all sectors seeking to invest in Italy, UK or elsewhere through a service agreement.

Offer description

With over 20 years of experience in interpreting and translating, specialising in Italian and English speaking services, this company has a real understanding of not only the language but also the cultures and business practices conveyed in a truly impartial and professional manner. This company is fully capable of providing professional services, having worked at a number of high profile events with the G8, UN and NATO, Europol and Interpol. Interpreting services: Trusted by the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the UN this company has over 20 years of professional experience working in a number of specialised and client sensitive environments providing fully accurate and trusted interpreting services. Services in this range include: - Simultaneous interpreting: The interpreter sits in a booth, listening to the speech through headphones, and translates simultaneously. Conference delegates wear headsets to listen in to the language of their choice - Consecutive: The speaker stops every few minutes to allow the interpreter to address the listener(s) - Whispered: The interpreter stands/sits beside the listener and whispers the interpreted message. Translation services: - Operating throughout the UK and Italy, this company offers translations on a vast variety of texts. These include but are not limited to: - Business and legal texts - Marketing and advertising material - IT, software and telecommunications content, technical writing - Medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical material - Economic and financial material. This company is also prepared to offer same-day translations for urgent matters subject to availability which prove the willingness and professionalism of this company and the talented translators who work within the business. In addition to these core services, the company also offers social media consulting services as well as conference presentation coaching and proofreading. This company is interested in establishing a service agreement with private companies, public services, associations or NGOs that are internationally active and wish to use multiple languages.

Innovations and advantages

Thanks to its extensive worldwide network of translators and interpreters the company can provide language support to reach audiences and target groups in remote parts of the world. Given the extensive experience of the company's founder in working within high profile and diplomatically sensitive arenas, this company is highly trusted to provide the most reliable and swift professional translating services. Amongst others, the company has interpreted for a number of influential businesses and individuals, helping them communicated in the world and excel in the global market. Additionally, response enquiry times are guaranteed within 15 minutes, providing a fast and reliable service to all its customers and partners. What sets the company apart is the "human touch". They can give the best advice on how to communicate effectively, providing flawless translations and interpreting services for events, conferences, exhibitions and business meetings.

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09003005 Consulting services
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UK company is interested in establishing a service agreement with private companies, public services, associations or NGOs that are internationally active and wish to use multiple languages.


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