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UK-based SME offers global access to UK radiology reporting services

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A UK-based SME offers global access to premium specialist radiology reporting. Medical research and clinical trials can gain great credibility by having first or second reads in the UK, which has some of the best specialist consultants in the world, while private healthcare and health insurance providers can offer their premium clients a higher level of care. The SME is looking to offer these reporting services to partners in these areas in the form of services agreements.

Offer description

The discipline of radiology brings together a number of imaging techniques including X-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to diagnose and to treat diseases. The success of radiology in achieving this is in large part down to the interpretation of the images produced. This is a discipline requiring skill and experience but increasingly in modern medicine, it requires specialism. A UK-based SME is offering its teleradiology reporting services whereby the company will provide specialist consultant radiology reading and interpretation by its network of UK specialist Consultant Radiologist experts. The client uploads the radiology images through the UK SME's secure Teleradiology portal. The portal then encrypts the images and sends them across the internet to the SME's Tier 3 secure UK data centre. The UK radiologists can securely access the data centre from within the UK to report on the scan. Once the report is uploaded an alert is automatically sent to the point of origin. This report can be accessed by the requesting country through the Teleradiology portal or sent to the client as an encrypted email. The UK SME is offering this teleradiology reporting service to hospitals and companies operating in private healthcare or insurance provision. They also work with companies, universities, and research institutes conducting clinical research The SME is especially keen to expand on its existing business in Asia and the Middle East either by directly working with above companies in these areas or through agents in addition to those already used. It is envisaged that the resulting partnerships will take the form of services agreements.

Innovations and advantages

Access to UK radiology expertise in a variety of disciplines including specialist oncologists and musculoskeletal specialists and Neuroradiology. Secure system ensures patient and data confidentiality.

Market application codes

05001001 Diagnostic services
05002 Medical imaging
05004005 Diagnostic equipment
05005016 Environmental Medicine, Social Medicine, Sports Medicine
05007006 Computer-aided diagnosis and therapy

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Type of partner sought

The UK-based SME is looking to provide their radiology reporting services to hospitals and companies offering healthcare and insurance services as well as companies, universities and research institutes conducting clinical trials that would benefit from British radiology reporting expertise. While the SME can work directly with partners they would also like to partner with agents to provide additional coverage to those the SME already has. The SME is especially keen to work with companies in Asia and the Middle East to expand on their business in these areas from their current established relationships in Shanghai, Beijing, Riyadh and the UAE. It is expected that partnerships will take the form of services agreements.


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