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UK based SME is seeking partners for their patented innovative flood prevention products

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UK based flood prevention products company has developed and commercialised in UK, innovative products which can minimise the risk of flood waters entering into properties through doors, garage doors and vents. The products work automatically without a need for deployment, prior to flood event. The company is seeking partners/distributors to commercialise, under license, through manufacturing agreements and or distribution agreement with national exclusivity.

Offer description

UK based SME with 15 years experience in flood mitigation market, has developed innovative flood resistant: doors, garage door and vents, which operate automatically without a secondary need for deployment. Flood resistant residential doors have been designed to look & operate like a normal door with added advantage of flood resistance. The innovative garage door apparatus/system adds flood protection capability to residential garage doors and has the advantage of allowing unhindered access to garage space for cars and pedestrians, the product has been cycle tested with zero leakage results and is ready for the market. The vent protection system has the advantage of up to 5400mm2 air circulation capacity and very simple surface mounting application, made from PPC with high UV stabiliser, with choice of colours to match the structure. The company are now looking to grow by working with overseas partners on an exclusive basis under license, through manufacturing agreement and or distribution agreements.

Innovations and advantages

Patented, innovative, environmentally friendly products. Passive Flood Protection products minimising risk of flood damage Improving the insurability of properties. Patented doors, tested to British Standards Institution PAS 1188-1 2014 Kitemark with zero leakage on the market. Products can be fitted to any structurally stable residential property. Passive system (no need for secondary deployment prior to flood event) Products work on basic mechanical, sealing and physics principals with no electrical or hydraulic systems. Products are designed on Keep it simple principal with easily replaceable parts enhancing their longevity. Look & operate like a normal door/vent with added flood protection Flood resistant residential door's superior locking and sealing system provides an excellent energy saving by reducing heat loss. A unique passive vent protector with 5400mm2 air circulation capacity.

Technology keywords

10001002 Assessment of Environmental Risk and Impact
10002007 Environmental Engineering / Technology
10004011 Flood Management

Market application codes

07004008 Other consumer products
09007003 Distribution of building products and systems

Intellectual property rights

Granted patent or patent application essential

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Area of partner's activity

Partners should be well established and capable of offering a complete product marketing, sales & distribution service. For manufacturing agreement, potential partners, with interest in fabricating and introducing these innovative products in their local market. Have access to and/or in house capability to fabricate and produce finished Upvc/Vinyl doors. Have access to and or in house light Metal fabrication and wide pvc gasket welding facility. There is also potential to develop the products to serve the commercial market.


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