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UK astronautics engineering company offers technical expertise to support research/development and training in space engineering/science on a subcontracted agreement basis.

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The UK astronautics engineering company specialises in design solutions for spacecraft subsystems and missions, in addition to education in space science/astronomy. They offer technical expertise to support new product development and training/consultancy to facilitate broader access to new and emerging opportunities within the space sector. Collaboration is sought on outsourcing/subcontracting agreement basis.

Offer description

The UK engineering company specialises in spacecraft system studies / design and provides technical expertise, training and consultancy globally focused on: •research and development in spacecraft engineering topics •education of space science and astronomy Space is a maturing and growing market sector with a drive for organisations to contribute to and benefit from future ‘game changing’ technologies, in so far that they can be predicted. To this end the company’s interim objectives include: • advancing research in spacecraft design and mission concepts • providing consultancy based engineering work to local and global clients • encourage strong links with universities to further scientific goals • conferences and training in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) • educating a range of people, from enthusiasts to local businesses and organisation in space engineering and offering lectures for ongoing discoveries in the field. With experience in photonics, military and aerospace environments the following skill sets are offered: • design • project management • process & procedures engineering • CAD • mechanical engineering • electrical / electronic • photonics • technical writing & documentation • testing and validation For the educational aspects of the company information days and lectures can be conducted to inform participants of current space engineering and science news. Training / course content is aimed at students/established engineers to encourage studies in STEM based subjects to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists. The research arm of the UK astronautics engineering company is focused in the field of on-orbit manufacturing with capabilities and expertise to design a mission concept and looking forward, a technology demonstrator mission, both an important stepping stone towards on-orbit manufacture with far reaching implications. The company offers collaboration on outsourcing/subcontracting agreement basis to support innovative research and development in the space sector and education in space science and astronomy.

Innovations and advantages

The company has the capability to carry out engineering tasks and research with a flexible work pattern and timetable. Commuting and teleconference / off site work can also be conducted. Design solutions are generated using computer simulation software packages, such as: • SolidEdge • AutoCAD • Nastran/Patran • Matlab Education of space science and astronomy is offered to educational institutes, ranging from schools up to universities.

Technology keywords

02011001 Aeronautical technology / Avionics
02011002 Aircraft
02011004 Satellite Navigation Systems
02011005 Space Exploration and Technology

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09003001 Engineering services

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The company offers collaboration on outsourcing/subcontracting agreement basis to support innovative research and development in the space sector and education in space science and astronomy. Partners sought include academia/educational institutes, research organisations and industry in the following sectors: • aerospace/space engineering • materials • manufacturing • education


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