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Turkish manufacturer of polyethylene foam profiles seeks sales partners

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A Turkish company is manufacturing polyethylene foam profiles for the packaging sector, which can be used to prevent damage to goods in transit. The company is looking for partners who could assist in sales of polyethylene foam profilesto the packaging sector under agency or distribution agreements.

Offer description

The Turkish company which was founded in 1991, is doing business in manufacturing of polyethylene foam profiles in order to be used in packaging. These products are being used in order to prevent damaging of goods while transfering. Polyethylene foam profiles can be used interior box packaging to prevent the goods from impacts and external factors. Polyethylene foam profiles which can be produced different forms and sizes are used for different areas. It can be produced in different shapes like U, V, L, C etc. The usage areas in general are furniture, door and window, illumination industry, white goods, glass and mirror, office furnitures, bathroom furnitures and accessories, work of arts, heating and cooling devices. Due to the materials' elasticity it is easy to apply. It is providing the best protection for goods which are subject to damage while transportation and storage. It can be produced in desired form and size according to customers' will and suggestion. The company is looking for partners to assist in the sales of polyethylene foam profiles on packaging sector under distribution or commercial agency agreements.

Innovations and advantages

Packaging foam profiles are products entirely produced and designed for the use of packaging sector. Due to the packaging foam profiles' elasticity, it is easy to apply, and form. It has ability to absorbe mechanical damage with respect to its foam form. The material provides maximum resistance against water transparency by reason of its closed cell structure. It is an environment friendly product because it is reusable and recycable. Usage areas are limitless. Packaging foam profiles are highly resistant to vapour diffusion with respect to its closed cell structure. (μ˃5000) The material protects the product from impacts and external factors due to its compressive strength. The values are; 25% in compression 0,096 - 0,300 kgf / cm2, 50% in compression 0,440 - 0,760 kgf / cm2, 75% in compression 1,144 - 1,960 kgf / cm2. THe material protects the the good from high temprature. λ= 0,044 W / m°K Packaging foam polyethylene profile products have no contain heavy metals like asbestos, lead, mercury, etc. and CFC ve HCFC gas. It has no harmful effects on ozone layer.

Market application codes

08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for a working partner for sales and marketing of the polyethylene foam profiles in foreign countries. The partner is expected to have experience in the related field and international cooperation.


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