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Turkish company offering test opportunities of uniaxial, 3 or 4-point bending fatigue life (wöhler), biaxial vibration and friction coefficient seeks partners to cooperate under services agreement

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A Turkish company, which has the official R&D center title given by the government, manufactures and develops fasteners, bolts and nuts. The company has bi-axial vibration test machine (modified junker mechanism), uniaxial fatigue tester (compatible with 3 and 4-point bending tests) and friction coefficient test machine for fasteners in automotive, aerospace and many other industries. The company offers its R&D expertise and capabilities under a services agreement.

Offer description

The company which has been established in 1973 in Izmir, has been producing bolts and nuts for almost 40 years. The company is sprecialized in designing and manufacturing of connection hardware and due to its experienced workforce in engineering, the company was declared by government as one of the R&D centers in Turkey. The company has 5 world standard certificates as ISO/TS 16949:2002, ISO 14001, ISO 9001:2000, Q1 and EN 14399:1. With an annual capacity of 80.000 tons, the company is the biggest fastener manufacturer in Turkey and exports 40% of the production to industrialized countries with high quality expectations such as Germany, France, USA. The company has established his own tool manufacturing company in 2006 in order to give flexibility on timing and new product ranges. The company is the sub-contractor of many original equipment manufacturers' both in Turkey and Europe. The company is a member of International Cold Forging Group since 2005. As well known, fatigue and vibration behavior of fasteners is one of the most studied area and is really a big issue in the case of fastener design. For example, the company is working on development of mathematical model to estimate loose rate of fasteners; this project needs expertise on vibration and tribology knowledge. As a result, the company offers its R&D expertise and capabilities under services agreement. Other disciplines and topics can be listed as fatigue, vibration, dynamic optimization of heat treatment furnaces, wear, composite dies, micro alloyed material forging, effects of tribological properties on fatigue life of carbide tool, piezo chromic material, boronizing, tribology, shot peening. Since the strategy of the company consists of being a solution partner, serving customers by his co-designer identity and establishing the necessary engineering as well as physical infrastructure, developing value-added and technological products in cooperation with universities and R&D institutions, the company offers its expertise and engineering abilities under services agreement in order to design or develop new products using different types of test machineries and methods.

Innovations and advantages

The company has significant engineering abilities and test machineries described below; Vibration tester: The company has a bi-axial vibration tester which is designed and produced by his own according to junker vibration test principles. Clamp force and cycle values can be followed by an in-house written software and data can be taken as excel format in order to evaluate. Technical specifications: Frequency: 2.5 – 12.5 Hz (sinusoidal) Displacements: 0.02 – 1.8 mm Fastener size: from M6x45 to M12x120 µ tester: Especially friction coefficient values should be selected carefully, because it should be keep in mind that for a constant torque when the friction coefficient is increased, clamp load decrease. The friction tester can easily calculate friction coefficient by using physical torque and clamp force measurements. Technical specifications: Fastener size; M3: 8 to 130 mm M4 & M5: 10 to 130 mm M6: 12 to 130 mm M8: 20 to 140 mm M10: 22 to 140 mm M12: 25 to 150 mm M14: 30 to 150 mm Fatigue tester: High frequency pulsators (vibrophore), are used to determine the fatigue strength of materials and components Typical uses of the device, pre-fracture tests, fatigue and durability testing of components (e.g, screws and springs), may be exemplified as components exposed to dynamic loads throughout their lifetime production and quality control. Technical specifications: Vibraphore 250 kN -Amsler 250 HFP 5100 -Maximum testing load ±250 kN -Maximum static load ± 150 kN -Maximum dynamic load 250 kN (± 125 kN) -Integrated acceleration transducer to compensate mass forces -Frequency range 35-300 Hz

Technology keywords

02002005 Forming (rolling, forging, pressing, drawing)
02009012 Automotive engineering
05003001 Vibration and Acoustic engineering
09001002 Analyses / Test Facilities and Methods
09001005 Mechanical Technology related to measurements

Market application codes

08003001 Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
09001005 Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts
09003001 Engineering services
09003005 Consulting services

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Area of partner's activity

- Type of partner sought: industrial partners, R&D institutions/groups interested in special tests for fasteners and/or assembly parts such as biaxial vibration, axial and 3 or 4 point bending fatigue, friction tests rely on torque/clamping force measurements. -Specific area of activity of the partner: Industry specialized in designing or manufacturing of fasteners. - Task to be performed by the partner sought: partners are expected to provide technical instruments (drawings, 3D models, specimens, standards). Services agreement is sought.


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