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Turkish agricultural machines producer seeks distributors and agents

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A Turkish manufacturer in the agricultural machinery sector, which is specialized in producing compound feed machines, milking machines, steamers, drain ploughs, rakes, water bowls, animal feeding bottles, feed grinder machines and agricultural machine accessories is seeking distributors and commercial agents. The sector experienced company can produce agricultural machines according to customer demands as well.

Offer description

The company over 40 years experience concerning to forest, garden, agricultural engines and equipments blending by know-how and professionalism has been proceeding since 1994. The enterprise was providing the goods to Turkish Market and within short time had been realized first import process in 1997 in order to purpose of market’s demand. Since this date, the company has concentrated on domestic and abroad markets by purposed customer demands and fulfilled their requirements and expanded its experience on international field as well. The company has many commercial connections with other companies in international field. The company have been presenting its products to all regions in Turkey, Europe and Middle East market by Turkish origin as exporter company. Company's product range concerning the products, which have been producing by their own production goods and imported goods. The products that have been producing by the company are feed grinder machines, feed crushing machines, milking machines, garden sprayers, pipeline milking parlour, water tankers, all sorts of tugs, drain plough, rakes, water bowls, animal feeding bottles, all spare parts of produced machines. The company can create suitable designs according to customer demands. And also all type of rubber, plastic and silicon parts that demanded from company can be done. They can manufacture molds depending on the products requested from the company. Besides, products manufactured by the company, can be marked either customer’s brand or company brand. The company wants to grow more in international market and seeks for distribution services and commercial agency agreements with companies selling to the agricultural supply sector.

Innovations and advantages

-Experience for almost 40 years in production agricultural machines and spare parts . -19 years international trade experience and qualified commercial partners in sector. -The company already dominates the national market by having wide range of customers in Turkey. -Machining line is quite qualified and using high technology. -Machine technology used in production; *Plastic injection machine lines, *Plastic blowing machine lines, *CNC vertical-horizontal machining lines, *Rubber injection machines, *Silicon injection machines, *Curing-dying-drying lines, *Roto molding machines, *Oil filling lines, *ABB welding robot. -Trained and experienced stuff in international trade. -The company has commercial partners from Far East countries, South America, Middle East, Balkan countries, Caucassian markets with qualified products. -Well-known brands in national and international market. -Suitable length of term for clients.

Technology keywords

07001001 Agriculture Machinery / Technology

Market application codes

08003001 Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery

Preferred countries

Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia, Ukraine

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for distribution agreements with business partners operating in network countries. The company expects from its clients to promote and distribute its products in their markets.The company also can make manufacturing agreements and comercial agency agreements.


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