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Trade intermediary services are requested by a Cypriot toy manufacturer

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A Cypriot company specialized in the manufacture of patented and awarded construction toys is looking for agents and distributors to represent and sell its products worldwide.

Offer description

The Cypriot company, which manufactures patented and awarded construction toys, was established in 2004 and it launched an innovative and versatile construction toy system in 2007. The company is dedicated to develop and manufacture products that are promoting children's mental and educational development. The company helps pupils build technological models creatively and easily so that they can experiment and learn about science and technology in a playful way. Research grants from local and EU funds helped materialize the 3 year research to an innovative product, launched internationally in 2007. Since then, the company developed more snap-fit components such as gears, pulleys motors and solar panels, as well as series of activity books and software that help children interact with technology and learn by playing. The patented products are manufactured in Cyprus and they are sold in 15 countries worldwide. In 2012 an automatic injection machine factory was created. The company is already cooperating with distributors, sales agents and retailers in 15 countries that are exporting at the moment. Lately, its products are available in many in-flight magazines of international airlines and soon they will be sold in duty free shops in International Airports. The Cypriot company is currently seeking collaboration with agents from Europe and beyond in order to represent its products in their territories. Also, it is looking for distributors from abroad to sell its products in their countries. So that, it could be able to expand its distribution network and brand awareness faster and more effectively worldwide.

Innovations and advantages

The company provides patented and awarded EU high quality toys which promote children's mental and educational development at affordable prices. All the company’s products are accredited with the highest EU quality and standards like EN71 and ISO 9000. The company has a double digit increase of its turnover every year. Also the company can operate in 2 different markets, the retail market and the educational market. The automated injection machine factory is fully equipped and no further investments are needed. The major advantage of the company's system is that it enables children to build fast and easily simple or complex models using a very small number of different components. Every year new products are developed to satisfy customer needs and market trends. The company would provide its potential partner with representative samples of construction toys in accordance with the prevailing sample policy.

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07001003 Toys and electronic games

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Area of partner's activity

The potential partner should have an excellent knowledge and experience in selling construction toys. It should maintain a level of expertise necessary to promote and service the Cypriot company’s products. It should also have a well-organised distribution network and an existing customer base. The potential partner should be a reliable company with intention of long-term cooperation in distribution, investment, product development, and marketing communications. Trans-National cooperation experience of the potential partner is preferred.


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