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Trade intermediary services are requested by a Cypriot manufacturer of high quality aluminum frames.

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The Cypriot company specialized in the manufacture of high quality aluminum frames is looking for agents and distributors from abroad in order to represent and distribute its products in their territories.

Offer description

The Cypriot company was founded in 1992 and it is specialized in the manufacture of high quality aluminum frames, durability and modern design. With evolving expertise and modern technology, the company offers the Cyprus market integrated systems and products with flawless aesthetics, quality, thermal insulation, sound insulation, security. The company’s main products are aluminum-frames structures, entry doors, garage doors-shutters, curtain walls, pergolas-sheds-shades, railings, fences, and rolex: • Entry doors are available in a wide variety of traditional and modern designs and colors. The entry doors are equipped with locks multipoint locking, which provides excellent protection, as well as with electrical mechanism, for ease of opening. • The company offers open or closed type safety shutters, blinds with aluminum profiles, polyurethane rolls, with or without filling insulation, depending on the requirements of the space. They are characterized by high aesthetics, excellent quality, excellent performance, flexibility and functionality. They ensure safety, excellent heat and sound insulation. They withstand and last in time without requiring any maintenance. • The company manufactures and installs curtain walls/glass panels and aluminum composite panels used mainly in commercial and public buildings, covering small or large surfaces, which give a different look to the architecture and overall aesthetic. • The construction of pergolas is so thought out in order to provide the additional possibility of using other materials such as polycarbonate sheets or ribbed aluminum, which can be easily mounted on the existing frame of the pergola and to add one more beautiful aesthetic touch. Also, the company offers a wide range of sun blinds and aluminum blinds to protect the space where they are placed from sunlight. They are operated mechanically or electrically, choosing every time how much light and air to pass in the desired area, as well as with light sensors or rain and with automatic adjustment program with different bands. • The aluminum rails excel over other materials because of their lower cost, high quality, aesthetics and durability. The aluminium rails are accompanied by numerous accessories, providing solutions for multiple structures. Remarkable is their durability without special maintenance. Another important advantage is that aluminum is recyclable material, which serves our needs less power consumption. • The company constructs aluminum fences. The robust construction ensures great durability in time and with minimal maintenance costs, due to the reliability of aluminum available in wood colors and a wide range of monochrome. Moreover, the high level of the company’s expertise combined with aesthetics achieves excellent results in construction. Products are constructed with the most modern methods of excellent quality in the factory premises. The company is seeking to make a business agreement with companies from abroad in the need of having its products distributed and represented in Europe and beyond. Agents and distributors could be retail shops or trading companies that supply aluminum-frame structures. Agents would represent the Cypriot company and earn a commission on the sale of the company’s products to the end clients. Distributors would buy products from the Cypriot company and then resell them with a profit margin.

Innovations and advantages

The company has more than 20 years of experience in the aluminum construction. The company offers its clients competitive or innovative products with affordable market prices. Products are constructed with the most modern methods of excellent quality in the factory premises. The high level of expertise and experience of the managers is the guarantee for excellent results in quality of construction, combined with the modern technological equipment that the company has. The company covers all the needs of aluminum constructions involving indoor and outdoor.

Market application codes

09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)
09007001 Construction companies

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Area of partner's activity

The potential partner should be a retail shop or a trading company that supply aluminum-frame structures. Further, it should have an excellent knowledge and experience in representing and/or distributing high quality aluminum frames. The potential partner should have a well-organised distribution network and a good clientele. Transnational cooperation experience of the potential partner is preferred. Type of Partner Sought: Manufacturing, Trading (Buying/ Selling)


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