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Trade intermediaries wanted for additive for corrugated cardboard glue

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An Israeli company in the field of resin production is offering additives for corrugated cardboard glues. The advantages over those on the market include cost efficiency, waterproof and mechanical properties, environmental friendliness. The company is looking for commercial agency & distribution services agreements.

Offer description

It is known that the cardboard fresh fruits, vegetable, frozen food etc is coming to collapse without any additives to avoid these processes. That's why the company has developed a new additive, which provides waterproofing to corrugated cardboard starch glue. On the other hand, the additive enhances mechanical properties of the board. The company has developed a process, which allows the corrugated cardboard factory to prepare the glue as they always do without any change. After the glue has become ready they will add the additive. The company suggests to add the offered additive as 1-2 kg/ minute to be able for mixing inside to get the glue homogeneous. The developed additive is a new application of a known technology that offers to a customer many benefits in one product. The developed product also has the lowest content of free formaldehyde. The specific industrial applications of the offered product are in corrugated cardboard production industry and in paper tube production industry. The company specializes in manufacturing & trading of chemicals, logistics and innovations to environmental demands and alternative energies. Through its various activities, Company commits to advanced manufacturing processes, accessibility and availability, quality management, innovation and social responsibility. Among its customers there are leading companies in Israel and abroad. They have been producing the offered additive since 1988. In fact, the company would like to establish cooperation with the partners who are ready to distribute the offered product in their local markets. These might be manufacturing / distributing / frade dealing companies/ commercial agents/ trade centers etc, who are experienced in corrugated cardboard industry, food packaging industry etc. to provide for such cooperation under commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The newly developed additive to glue allows the following advantages: 1. The glue becomes waterproof, according to the FEFCO 9 & TAPPI (world standards). 2. The additive enhances mechanical properties of the corrugated cardboard by up to 25%. 3. The innovative additive provides for up to 15% increase in line productivity. 4. The free formaldehyde in the glue is under detectable contents. 5. The technology allows to save more cost than the net cost of additive.

Technology keywords

02005004 Packaging for materials
02007001 Adhesives
02007013 Paper technology
03004006 Organic Substances
03004010 Special chemicals, intermediates

Market application codes

09004006 Packing products and systems
09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Type of partner sought

the partners are from - industry, trade centers, trade agencies, commercial agencies / centers specific area of expertise of the partner sought. - manufacturer / distributor / dealer / commercial agent experienced in corrugated cardboard industry, food packaging industry the tasks that the partner sought would be expected to undertake - to distribute the offered products in order to establish commercial relations.


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