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The Slovak company looks for agents/distributors for zeolite products for industrial applications

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Slovak company mining and processing natural zeolite and manufacturing products based on natural zeolite offers zeolite fillers (for paper, plastic, rubber, wood industry and etc.), zeolite sorption grit (environmental and industrial accidents), dry agents, odors sorbents, inert ingredient for mixture products and material for the protection of the environment in the production and laying of asphalt. The company is looking for distributors.

Offer description

The company from Eastern Slovakia has 60 years of experience processing natural materials. By gradual transition from production of building materials they had become one of the leading producers of zeolite products in Europe. Industrial requirements can be very specific and varied. It is therefore necessary to approach them individually and provide customers with tailored solutions. Zeolite can be used as a sorbent and a desiccant (a drying agent) that adsorbs odours, but also as a filler in the production of paper and plastic materials. In addition, it is used stabilising compounds in various mixtures. The company offers following zeolite based products for industrial use. 1. Zeolite filler - micronized zeolite is used as filler in rubber, paper, wood processing industry for the production of glued plywood materials as a substitute for other materials (kaolin, meals). 2. Zeolite sorption grit - suitable for environmental and industrial accidents, household, liquidation of oil spills, agriculture, forestry, chemicals leaks. It has maximum chemical stability and ability to maintain sorbed material. It absorbs odors. It is a sorbent with indirect bacteriostatic and fungistatic effect (reducing the concentration of water in an environment of limited metabolic activity, including microorganism reproduction). 3. Zeolite drying agent - is used with great success to dry enclosed spaces in container transport which requires compliance with defined humidity criteria, when storing different materials and products, ranging from foodstuffs to components for the car industry. 4. Zeolite odors sorbent - is able, thanks to its unique properties, to capture the substance in gaseous, liquid and solid state, it can adsorb odors in the production process. It effectively removes odors and moisture. 5. Zeolit inert ingredient for mixture products - it acts as a stabilizer, after adding, the mixture is less flux and better handling. Zeolite is also used as a mixed product (in combination with other substances) for flue gas purification (sorption of dioxins, heavy metals and other pollutants). 6. Zeolite mixture for asphalt - the material for environmental protection in asphalt production and asphalt paving decreases the temperature required for asphalt paving, which helps decrease emissions, in particular during the winter months, leading to energy cost savings and improved workability of the asphalt itself. It extends the workability time of the asphalt mixture during asphalt paving and helps decrease operating costs. In the production and installation of asphalt it is used to mitigate harmful environmental impacts. The company is looking for buyers (agents, distributors, wholesalers, retailers etc.) for its products. Slovak company offers commercial agency agreement or services distribution agreement for potential partners in construction sector within EU and outside.

Innovations and advantages

Advantages of natural zeolite: Cost savings in the production process, sorption of undesirable substances and reduction of emisions, adsorbtion of odors, improvement of the properties of finished products. The products undergo continuous innovation process. More mentioned in the description of individual products above.

Market application codes

08001023 Other chemicals and materials (not elsewhere classified)
08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)
09001007 Other transportation

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for partners (distributors, wholesalers, agents) specialized in distribution/sale of industrial products experienced on the local markets. Through partners would like to sell its products. The company is interested in long term cooperation.


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