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The printing company from Bosnia and Herzegovina specialized in the production of cardboard packaging, digital and photographic printing, is looking for European partners for cooperation.

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A company from Bosnia and Herzegovina specialized in the production of all kinds of cardboard packaging of high quality, UV printing and lacquering, using blister technology, offers manufacturing and/or distribution services agreement to companies from Europe.

Offer description

The company was founded in 1990 in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a long-standing family tradition and has been present on the market since 1991. The company specializes in digital photographic printing and is able to produce commercial (cardboard) packaging of top quality, as well as various types of printing materials: flyers, brochures, folders, bags, blocks, books ... Quality is assured by a variety of applied standards, using their own materials and state-of-the-art technologies. Their skills are ready to adapt to the specific requirements of clients. The company goal is to become a leader in the printing industry, known for the complete offer of services, from design to final printing of materials. Services offered by this company are: - The commercial packaging on various types of cardboard (GC, GD, GT, GZ cardboard) such as boxes for biscuits, tea, rice, foil, promo packaging, blister cartons. - LamFolding boxes (boxes for dishwasher tablets, podcasting rolls for Eurocreme, foil box for 115-300m, a six-pack of beer boxes, display socks ...) - Folding boxes (boxes with cellophane coated on the inside ...) - Bags (various sizes) calendars, diaries, catalogues, blocks, block cubes, stone maps, leaflets, voblers, labels, etc. - Pads for glasses on the adhesive The company continuously invests in the latest technologies and currently uses more than 40 machines. Their copier has the latest generation of plate boards, several Heidelberg printing machines, from which the B1 format, the Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102, is separated, which, besides top-quality prints also has the possibility of UV printing and varnishing. They are the only company on the Bosnia and Herzegovina market who use blister technology (various blister card sizes), UV lacquering (complete and partial). They can make prints on materials up to 1mm thick. They are also able to offer additional finishing of printing materials: sleeves, polishing, various types of plastification (matt, glow, soft touch, scratch-resistant foil). Within the company, there is a working unit exclusively oriented to the export of cellulose wood. Since 2006, the company owns its own production-storage area of 3,000 m2 and a highly developed printing and distribution network. The company currently employs 70 workers. In the framework of the manufacturing agreement, the company wants to cooperate with companies that need printing services for catalogues, brochures, manuals in the food industry, marketing, and advertising agencies, etc. The company is able to adapt production to the individual needs of users. The company is looking for partners willing to distribute the company's products to represent the products and act as intermediate for the distribution of its products. The company wants to expand its business and to meet other markets for mutual trade intermediary cooperation.

Innovations and advantages

As a socially responsible company, they operate in accordance with eco standards and contribute to a greener society and environment. Also, the advantages of the company are that they are only in Bosnia and Herzegovina who are using blister technology in their production process. Products offered by the company are extremely quality thanks to a good selection of raw materials. They have been in business for 27 years and are one of the most competitive companies in this field on the domestic market. The company offers competitive prices compared to its competitors and is able to respond to specific client needs.

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02005004 Packaging for materials
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09004006 Packing products and systems

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Type of partner sought

Type: They are willing to collaborate under a manufacturing and distribution services agreement with partners such as advertising agencies, print brokers, companies that need printing services. Activity: The company is interested in cooperation with companies from Europe operating in the following areas: - Food industry (coke, chocolate, teas, rice ...) that need to pack products in fine cardboard packaging (GC, GD, GT, GZ card) - Marketing agencies that collaborate with this target group - Manufacturers of nylon and cotton socks and stubborn Role: The company is interested in cooperation with international partners in order to present and distribute its products in the international market, in the form of a production or distribution agreement. Our company wants to expand its business into European regions and therefore seeks potential European partners who are able to sell products of our company and act as distributors in the field, under a manufacturing or distribution services agreement.



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