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The manufacturer of modern and functional furniture from South West Poland is looking for distributors in Europe under distribution services agreement

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The Polish company with 14 years' experience creates modern and functional furniture, such us: tables, coffie tables, benches, wall units and desks. This furniture is dedicated for living rooms and kitchens where the space saving matters. The company is open to cooperate with distributors from whole Europe, especially in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain markets. The target type of cooperation is a distribution or manufacturing agreement.

Offer description

The Polish SME was founded in 2005 as a family-owned company that produces modern, functional and practical furniture inspired by stories of demanding customers. The brand of manufactured furniture is highly respected and recognizable on the Polish market. The company offers: - tables - coffee tables - desks - wall units - benches The company's portfolio contains about 30 products. Each product is available in many colors and sizes. The tables and benches are raised and fold-out, moreover there is a possibility to personalize products by choosing colors and sizes. This type of furniture is dedicated for living rooms and kitchens in flats and houses where the saving space is important. The furniture can be assembled independently (they are packed in secure packages that can be sent by courier). The company combines the functionality of its furniture with the latest trends in design that the company follows while participating in furniture fairs around the world. The furniture is manufactured using the trending technologies and intelligent manufacturing solutions. Several company's products have been designed based on customer opinions and research of customer needs. The materials from which furniture is produced, don't come from national parks, nature reserves and other protected areas. The wood obtained for the materials used in the production of furniture comes exclusively from certified forests and the materials are confirmed by international certificates FSC and PEFC. The quality of the furniture is confirmed by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw with the Hygienic Certificate of furniture boards and confirms the E1 Hygiene Class as well as the Fire Safety Certificate and confirms the fire classification of Class D - s2, d0. As part of its activity, the company charitably supports WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). In addition to manufacturing, retail and wholesale in Poland, the company is already conducting B2B cooperation with partners in the UK and Romania and also sells its products to consumers from all over Europe as part of an online store. The Polish company is looking for long-term cooperation with international partners (distributors) across European countries with good market orientation in the field of the matter. The cooperation may be based on the distribution services agreement or manufacturing agreement.The most important criterion for cooperation based on the distribution agreement is the sale of products and the promotion of the company's brand on a given market. The company also offers cooperation in form of manufacturing agreement. The company can manufacture furniture in any quantity for partners according to own or their design. The furniture may be later sold under the client's brand.

Innovations and advantages

- FSC and PEFC certificates of furniture boards - Hygienic certificate (E1 Hygiene Class) - Fire safety certificate (class D - s2, d0) - over 14 years on the market - personalization and customization of the products - wide range of furniture colors - high functionality of the offered products - easy to assemble - fast delivery that allows quickly launch products on the market - flexibility and individual approach to the client - highly qualified team, fully devoted to the project - marketing / creative services support - excellent price / quality ratio

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03010 Household Goods & Appliances

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07004003 Home furnishing and housewares
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Type of partner sought

The company is interested in finding new business partners (distributors) from all around the Europe, especially in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain. The desired type of cooperation would be a distribution services agreement, due to increase sales and brand promotion on a given market. Because the company has its own extensive marketing department, the company will support the distributor in terms of advertising materials (graphic and online). The company expects from distributor to purchase the products and sell it on its own behalf in the selected area / country and promoting the brand. The company declares that if the customers from a distributor's country are contact the company to buy products - the company will redirect them to the distributor. The company is also open to establish cooperation in form of manufacturing agreement - the company can manufacture furniture in any quantity for partners according to their design. A manufactured furniture may later be sold under client's brand. The company has successfully completed many manufacturing orders from international companies under manufacturing agreement.



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