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Technology company offers advanced numerical modelling and simulation services under a service or joint venture agreement to provide solutions to client's engineering challenges

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A UK-based engineering and technology company offers advanced numerical modelling and simulation services, to provide solutions to engineering challenges. Working in multiple sectors they have a large, experienced multi disciplinary analysis team. Their skill areas applicable across all industries, include fluid dynamics, structural analysis and material performance. They are looking to partner companies both under service agreements or as joint ventures for projects applying for funding.

Offer description

Advanced numerical modelling and simulation tools can be used to provide valuable insight and understanding to a wide variety of engineering problems. They enable the performance of a system to be understood, often without the need for operational data, measurements or physical testing. It offers the benefit of validating or de-risking design decisions, optimising system performance, reducing component cost, demonstrate legal compliance, predicting or understanding failures etc. A UK-based systems engineering company is offering its advanced numerical modelling and simulation services. With 750 employees in eight locations in the UK, they provide a broad range of services to clients across the UK, Europe and abroad. They are offering their market leading analysis skills and expertise in fluid dynamics, structural analysis and material performance. These skill sets represent approximately a quarter of their business with over 150 numerical modelling and simulation specialists. Other areas of specialism for the consultancy include; safety management, design development, electronics and control, requirements handling, risk management and environmental services to name a few. Their advanced numerical modelling and simulation services broadly are represented by fluid dynamics, structural analysis and material performance. Examples of some types of assessment include: • Aerodynamics • Blast and Shock • Corrosion modelling • Flow performance • Fire and smoke • Hydrodynamics • Life assessment. • Material performance • Noise and vibration • Piping networks • Seismic assessment • Thermal management • Turbo machinery • Structural integrity • Ventilation and cooling. • Welding and joining However they pride themselves on providing solutions to client's engineering challenges. This service often requires multi-disciplinary knowledge, drawing on expertise from across the skill areas. Their success is built on high quality engineers with an understanding of the fundamental principles, for example 20% of their numerical modelling and simulation engineers have PhDs. Then backed up by investment in the latest model codes and a large high performance cluster. This enables the most cost effective and appropriate methodology to solve the issues faced by clients. The company is looking to partner with companies of all sizes providing its expertise to develop individual solutions to client's individual needs to deliver demonstrable technical and business value. Engagement with partner companies is envisaged as either a services agreement, or a joint venture for funding applications.

Innovations and advantages

The depth of experience, and breadth of client base has enabled this company to develop a strong innovative mind-set. By working closely with their clients they often provide numerical modelling and simulation for direct project support, but also in areas of methods development. Furthermore they work closely with many industry institutions and clients in support of large research programmes, industry mentoring, novel analysis methods, and legislative development. Innovation and development in a wide variety of settings exemplified by: • Development of ISO code for dilution ventilation performance and blasts. • Residual stress prediction in manufacturing processes such as welds. • Methodology for predicting wave loading on aircraft during ditching. • Condition based asset management for plant machinery. • Prediction of corrosion rates in the marine environment. • High and low temperature fatigue crack predictions methods. • Bird strike impact on the composite structure of aircrafts. This level of expertise and the collaborative approach taken allows the company to provide solutions to the most challenging problems faced by clients. The company has a track record of delivering value adding solutions using numerical modelling and simulation.

Market application codes

06002001 Oil, gas and coal
06002002 Nuclear
09001007 Other transportation

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking to form partnerships where advanced numerical modelling and simulation services could be used to provide benefit or solutions to engineering challenges. Currently delivering solutions in aerospace, nuclear, health


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