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Technological innovation in cuisine centre seeks partners to establish cooperation and services agreements and/or to collaborate in the framework of European projects.

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Spanish non-profit foundation working in the improvement of eating habits and solutions for people with diseases or dietary restrictions is looking for contacts with hospitals and public bodies in the health, welfare and education system in order to establish agreements either providing services or even collaborating in the framework of European projects of research and development.

Offer description

The Spanish organisation is a research centre committed to improve eating habits, to the evaluation of the food and regional gastronomic heritage and to increase technological innovation in cuisine. This organisation is a private, non-profit foundation founded in 2003. Its board is formed by the regional government with the collaboration of the best chefs (regional but recognized worldwide) and leading scientists. The team is multidisciplinary and it is formed by cooks, nutritionists, chemists, food technicians, etc. Nowadays, this organisation is leader in the field of applied research in gastronomy and an active agent that offers culinary responses to dietary problems derived from specific illnesses and disorders. Its mission is to generate knowledge in all of the technological aspects that form a part of cuisine, from the optimisation of traditional processes to the use of new techniques and products. They work to improve the eating habits of society and to find culinary solutions to the specific food necessities caused by certain illnesses. They are collaborating with collective caterers (hospitals, schools, nurseries, geriatric homes...) to adjust their catering to the needs and diversities that arise in each of these groups. The job done by this institution contributes to the prevention of illnesses through appropriate culinary and eating habits, educational activities, raising awareness of what people eat, providing models of dietary behaviour, and overall developing responses to specific health problems which allow people with dietary. The organisation promotes cuisine as a tool for better health and prevention of illnesses. Examples of projects are: - General recommendations on the feeding during cancer treatment - Catering industry without gluten - Cookbook by means of visual plates. Designed especially for feeding the diabetic and his whole family - Guidelines of fruit and vegetable products adapted to the senior population - Nutritional pyramid to promote the proper ocular operation - Application developed to improve the diet of patients with arterial hypertension and/or renal failure The expertise of the organisation is recognised internationally through participation in European projects of Research and development.

Innovations and advantages

The main differential feature is the incorporation of the scientific knowledge to the cuisine daily operations, mainly medical and dietetic nutritional knowledge and their relation with groups of population with specific need (elderly people, people under treatment in the Healthcare system, people with chronical diseases, etc.). There is a wide dissemination of the knowledge acquired through the projects in which the non-profit has participated (philosophy of eat better as one moto of the organisation). They count with the counselling of renowned chefs in the area of Catalonia, a powerhouse in the gastronomical field. Presently is the more advanced centre of research and development in de culinary and cuisine field working with the new nutritional needs in a globalized and ageing world.

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08001005 Food Technology
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05010001 Safety for the elderly
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Type of partner sought

This foundation aims to establish services agreements with hospitals, schools, public institutions in the welfare system to develop culinary systems for specific needs in the healthcare system and/or to collaborate in the framework of European projects of research and development The area of activity would be achieved in European countries and partners should be mainly located in Western Europe.


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