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Technical solutions for carbon capture and utilization

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An international group of companies with headquarters in Northern Germany is providing industrial solutions to customers in oil and gas sector in Asia and Middle East. Sought are contacts to SMEs or research partners with technical solutions to convert carbon dioxide to a useful commodity. Solutions should minimum have been tested at lab scale, closer to market is preferred. Cooperation is offered in form of technical cooperation agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Offer description

This privately owned group of companies is providing international industrial solutions in 11 industry sectors. With headquarters in Northern Germany and more than 750 employees at 27 offices in 19 countries spanning Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the service portfolio covers the entire value chain and scope of industrial plant development, from single unit machines and equipment to complete production lines. The group cooperates with a vast international network of reliable partners and suppliers, among them many innovative SMEs. Within oil & gas sector, the company specializes in providing solutions for the process industry in Asia and the Middle East. Focus is on refinery, petrochemical, process equipment and gas processing. Aiming to offer their customers solutions to valorize CO2 waste streams (flue gas or raw product in gas well), the company is looking for expertise and equipment for carbon capture and utilization (CCU). Facing climate change, in addition to emission reduction, CO2-mitigation strategies are attracting increasing interest globally. Whereas carbon capture and storage (CCS) strategies aim at permanent removal of CO2 from atmosphere, CO2 capture and utilization (CCU) strategies are looking for ways to convert carbon dioxide from an energy and industrial sector waste product into other substances or products with higher economic value, thus it adds an economic incentive to the environmental need of emission reduction. Technologies requested might e.g. tackle CO2 conversion to generate chemicals, synthetic fuels, polymers, organic carbonates, and intermediate products. Other options are welcome. Solutions that are market ready or close to commercialization are preferred. As minimum requirement solutions must have been tested at lab scale and partners must be able to give a process guarantee. Cooperation is sought in form of technical cooperation agreements or - in case purchase of devices/plants is included - commercial agreements with technical assistance. Partners sought shall contribute with their specific technical expertise and solutions, whereas the company offers marketing, business development, access to projects, sales and technical/engineering services. Thanks to the broad portfolio of the company, it is also possible to include very specific partial solutions into bundled offers, in this case it can be beneficial for the SMEs involved, that they can sign a contract with the German group and not directly with the customers in Asia or Middle East.

Current stage of development

Solutions should minimum have been tested at lab scale, higher stages of development are preferred.

Technology keywords

02007014 Plastics, Polymers
03004010 Special chemicals, intermediates
04003001 Gaseous fossil fuel
04009 Carbon capture and energy

Market application codes

06002001 Oil, gas and coal

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Type of partner sought

Type: SMEs of any size, university spin-offs or research institutions/universities Role: Partners shall provide technical know-how and/or equipment on CCU solutions. They will be included as partners/suppliers within bundled offers on industrial solutions provided by the German company to customers in oil and gas sector in Asia and Middle East. specific expertise on technical solutions for conversion of carbon dioxide to substances or products with higher economic value


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