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Taiwanese supplier of video surveillance products seeks ICT partners interested in distribution agreement

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A Taiwanese supplier has the skills to provide IP camera, network video recorder (NVR) and intelligent video server (IVS) software and hardware solutions. It offers solutions on surveillance and detection, tracking and recognizing movements of people and objects that are assessed and analyzed. It’s currently looking for distributors based in Europe.

Offer description

This Taiwanese company, founded in 2003, is an end-to-end IP video surveillance solution provider, providing comprehensive security to business management solutions. Its products include IP cameras, video management software and video analytics that are seamlessly unified. It has gradually expanded the range of products and services, allowing it to provide end-to-end solutions for various market segments, including retail, mobile vehicle, education, residential, and other sectors. It provides solutions for very specific market-driven services (e.g. point-of-sale integration, access control, alarm systems, fleet management, queue management and other analytics based services). It also provides services for security management, business management, business intelligence, and system management. This company continues to maintain full capability and flexibility to integrate its systems with third party platforms (e.g., with world leading open platform video management systems). Its NVR and IP cameras with significant functions and outstanding analytical ability can improve security and efficiency of motion tracking, especially in traffic statistic and wholesale security surveillance. - Network Video Recorder (NVR): NVR is one of the video management system (VMS) that supports up to 100 channels, and offers more advanced features such as e-Map, Active Directory, Smart Search in playback based on motion, unlimited number of users, or restoring video from local storage. The essential functionality of viewing, recording and playing back video can be connected to third-party cameras as well as remote clients. Products are used in school corridor in South Africa, merchandise area and cashier in famous United States retail stores, residential showrooms in Germany, etc. - IP camera: Dome, bullet, cube and box cameras with high quality fixed or varifocal lenses are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. With optical zoom and auto focus functions, its cameras can provide wider viewing angle and can track completely automatically or by remote manual control. Its products are used in stadiums in France for instant present points with close-up views, and installed for traffic surveillance to catch clear and detail view regardless of complexity of traffic. The company is considering cooperation in the form of distribution service with ICT partners such as ICT distributors, system integrators, and government sectors that are familiar with local ICT market for further cooperation opportunities.

Innovations and advantages

In the past few years, the company has successfully installed IP cameras and NVR products at furniture retail stores, commercial buildings, offices and municipal police stations in the Czech Republic. Its employees are fluent in English, Chinese, Spanish, Czech, and Polish. Product features: 1.Products can automatically calibrate to each other without any user action required. 2.Auto focus at very low light even with minimum illumination. 3.Instant present feature, Go-to-present, can focus the target and capture faces in just 1-2 seconds . Product Recognition: - European Conformity (CE) - Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - EN50155 (international standards covering electronic equipment used on rolling stock for railway applications) - Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

Market application codes

01004003 Communications processors/network management
02006004 Data processing, analysis and input services
02006007 Databases and on-line information services
02007002 Database and file management

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Type of partner sought

The prospective business partner must be familiar with the local ICT market. Also, ICT distributors, system integrators, and government sectors are welcome to get in touch with the company. It is also open to new solutions and startup projects.


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