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Subcontracting offer for design and construction of passive houses

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A company from Romania which operates in the construction industry field is searching for partners in Europe for establishing cooperation in the form of subcontracting for design and construction of passive houses.

Offer description

A Romanian construction company which operates on the Romanian market since 1994 offers its services in the field of construction and restoration of buildings. In its portfolio, the company has dozens of completed construction projects, made in Romania and Poland. It has expertise in the construction of passive houses, but also has the know-how and experience for other types of construction and buildings renovation. The company offers complete services from design to final execution of construction including interior design. It is also willing to collaborate in all stages of the construction. The passive house is a leader standard in efficient designing of the energy in the modern constructions.It is comply with very rigorous and strict rules. The special design and innovative construction helps to reduce consumption of energy compared to traditional buildings. According to some estimates, passive houses can reduce energy costs by 80-90%. The company pays special attention to design and construction of passive houses, in order to be harmonized into landscape and express the owner’s personality. The company passion for building houses materializes in providing personalized and intelligent integrated solutions for clients with complex personality and with very high quality standards. Each house realized is unique and bears the imprint of its owner’s refinement, as well as, the uniqueness of the design and company functionality. The company is the creator of a niche in the construction field, respectively old - new houses; these are addressed to the people who, although prefer a classic style will also benefit by the utilities and the comfort of the modern technology. The range of services offered is structured as follows: design, engineering, construction engineering, project management, general contracting, consulting and technical assistance and specialized services. The company is involved in all stages of the realization of a project in its expertise area regardless of its complexity. It can become a unique business partner that offers integrated service packages: design-build - a big advantage. The company provides services design-build type when a customer becomes a business partner for the complete build process. The company is interested in establishing a coherent long-term partnership with organizations who need subcontractors for their projects. The company can design and carry out renovation and construction works according to customer’s demands.

Innovations and advantages

- specialized in various types of constructions such as: wood, concrete and masonry, for both industrial and residential buildings, including passive houses. - usage of new environmentally friendly technologies - continuous improvement of staff skills - experience in international cooperation - completed construction and renovation projects in Poland. - knowledge and all necessary certificates and licenses required in EU countries. - the auctions, the contacts with multiple suppliers and coordination of the construction site teams are all in the company task, the customer will work with a single collaborator. - assumes full responsibility for the results of a project, giving its customers all the peace and the comfort of a honest collaboration.

Current stage of development

The company is active on the market since 1994.

Market application codes

09007001 Construction companies
09007004 Engineering and consulting services related to construction

Comments, number and date of patent

Property rights acquired during the collaboration with partners will belong partners involved according to their contribution and will be protected.

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Area of partner's activity

The Romanian company is looking for a long term collaboration and true partnership for building houses with very high quality standards. Type of partner sought: companies, entrepreneurs and property developers. Field of activities: construction and sustainable construction who need subcontractors for their construction projects. Activity: development of building projects and construction of residential and non-residential buildings. Cooperation: subcontracting.


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