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Subcontracting and manufacturing services of mechanical components are offered

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Portuguese company is active in the production of mechanical components technical accuracy, using technologically advanced equipment. Its main activities are precision machining, mechanical project, control jigs and robot tools. Is offering its subcontracting activities, manufacturing agreement, and reciprocal production and is looking for commercial agency agreement with partners with knowledge in mechanical engineering, automotive and food industry, power industry and nuclear industry.

Offer description

Portuguese company born from the need of low supply in the techniques of high precision parts market, in a context of proximity, and rapid response capability. The company works under the smart factory system “Factory 4.0” which is the full digitization and interconnection of industrial production processes, from the control of the raw materials to the product distribution logistics. Factory 4.0 reorganizes the production chain, connecting machines and people in so-called smart factories. The company is highly adaptable to the processes and the needs of production, and use resources more effectively. The precision metalworking sector is highly competitive and demanding. The specificities of the market and the implications that any failure can have for the production process or for the safety of the final product requires unquestionable quality standards. Also the time in which it can respond to requests and ensuring that deadlines are met are a key factor in this sector. The complexity of the value chain and the financial costs of any breach of terms lead to this timely responsiveness acquire an almost equal importance to the quality standards. The experience and the technical know-how that the company's founders have let the company meet these requirements and terms of reference. The main products/services taking place in the Portuguese company are: - Precision machining: the company has adequate means to produce the large majority of the parts according to a project and/or CAD (computer aided design) digital file and respective specifications, and also has a lot of different machine finishing, superficial and thermal treatments, - Mechanical Project: the company has technical capacity and means to execute mechanical projects according to customer’s specifications, - Control jigs: the company develops and manufactures control jigs and parts positioning apparatus, for the control of productive processes, as well as the support of tri-dimensional measuring with CNC (computer numeric control) equipment, - Robot Tools – Robot Hands: the company develops and manufactures robot hands. Its knowledge in the plastic injection industry allows them to propose and supply the customer with the most adequate solution, offering stable and robust processes, - Blacksmithing and structures: the company has also available welded construction using various processes and certified personnel The company has also the following machines and services, in which all the equipment’s have the component poka-yoke (mechanism in a lean manufacturing process that helps an equipment operator avoid (yokeru) mistakes (poka)): - Conventional milling machines - Lathes - CNC milling machines - CNC milling centres - Several auxiliary equipment - Laser cutting and bending services - Technical consulting service and mechanical design - Cad 3D modelling software - Cam software MasterCam - Other Cam software The Portuguese company offers its subcontracting services to industrial partners and is also looking for commercial partners that could act as agents in the industry. Manufacturing agreements and reciprocal production are also offered to partners that need further production activities to some specific pieces or in specific equipments.

Innovations and advantages

The company differentiates its production through high technical knowledge, providing solutions through remote intelligent systems. The company follows technological and market changes, working with the smart factory system: Factory 4.0. This system, called "fourth industrial revolution" connects machines, systems and people in industrial production processes, increasing customization of products and allowing more efficient use of resources. Another competitive advantage is the very strong experience of its human resources, essential not only from a technical point of view, but also the knowledge of the market and customer requirements: - The oldest founder has a life experience dedicated to engineering industries having as experience 10 years of work in Portugal and 9 years in Canada. 18 years ago, founded the mother company that provides industrial maintenance solutions. - The production manager and 2th founder has experience with over 30 years and is specialist in machining 3D and in machines of programming languages, including ISO and Heidenhain. It also has expertise in Fanuc 3D controllers, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Heidenhain, Charmilles and machining software (CAM - computer-aided manufacturing). - 3th founder, with 18 years of experience in the automotive industries, allows to take the ability to design complete manufactures processes. During his professional practice experience has studied and applied methodologies for continuous improvement, such as "Lean Thinking". - 4th founder, with 15 years of experience, acquired skills and training in 3D modeling software autodesk inventor, pneumatics, hydraulics, machinery directive (CE marking), and safety techniques at work. Another strong point of the company is the low value of its overheads

Technology keywords

01003020 Building Automation Software
02002004 Erosion, Removal (spark erosion, flame cutting, laser, ..)
02002009 Machine Tools
02002010 Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, planning, cutting)

Market application codes

08003006 Power transmission equipment (including generators & motors)
09003001 Engineering services
09007004 Engineering and consulting services related to construction

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Type of partner sought

The main partners sought are commercial and industrial partners acting in the sectors of mechanical engineering, automotive and nuclear industry. For the commercial partners it is expect to act as agents to promote and disseminate its services among the industry, establishing a commercial agency agreement. The company also offers its subcontracting services to industrial partners who are seeking subcontracting services for high precision parts. Manufacturing agreements and reciprocal production are also offered to partners who do not have the capacity (technical or means) to produce a certain piece of equipment (serial production) or those partners who need production because of their exceed capacity or because does not have the necessary equipment for a specific piece.


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