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Strategic Investors sought to finance a Liquid Petrolium Gas storage facility in Cyprus

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Cypriot SME established in 1990 as an independent gas supplier for industrial and home use, seeks a strategic investor to form a joint venture, to achieve the following: 1.Build its own reservoir or gas deposit facility, on a piece of land secured and approved by the Cypriot authorities. 2.Streamline its gas supply chain. 3.Exploit the first mover advantage in auto-gas, in Cyprus. A financial agreement or an acquisition agreement can also be considered.

Offer description

The company was set up in 1990 by an experienced entrepreneur who worked at the management level in the gas industry for a long period, gaining substantial and valuable experience in the field of gas distribution. The main activity of the company involves the buying & installation of industrial gas cylinders and the supply of gas (LPG), mostly for industrial use. The company bought its first distribution vehicle in 1993 and has been increasing its distribution capacity every year since establishment. Today it operates a fleet of seven vehicles and two semi-trailers. Likewise its clientele has risen to 2.300 customers in the time span of 20 years, and has become the prime supplier of gas for industrial use in Cyprus. The SME currently employs 24 people, including management, engineers, technicians and vehicle drivers. Currently the company purchases its gas from an established gas supplier in Cyprus, who allows storage of this supply at its own gas reservoir. The Cypriot SME thus, does not have own reservoir facilities for storage, at the moment. Its mission statement is to become the largest LPG distributor in Cyprus by focusing on the quality of its services, the competitiveness of its products, the respect for the environment and the secure use of LPG for its users. To achieve its strategic goals the company seeks to form a joint venture with a strategic investor that will finance the building of SMEs own gas reservoir in Cyprus. A piece of land has already been designated and approved by the Cypriot government authorities. This will help the company secure its own independent gas supply and grow further in distribution. The company also seeks to enter into a strategic alliance with a major international organisation in the field of gas supply, therefore the strategic investor sought could also be a gas supplier. In addition, the company would like to explore the option of building a small national chain of gas filling stations for public use. The prospects of Cyprus exploiting its own natural gas resources in the near future, will enhance the gas market environment and encourage wider use, presenting a multitude of synergies and opportunities for the joint venture.

Innovations and advantages

Small company with intelligent and experienced management in the field of industrial gas distribution. Company has achieved a EUR 5m turnover in 25 years of operation.

Current stage of development

The company has grown to be the number one supplier of industrial gas in Cyprus.

Technology keywords

04001005 Transport and storage of gas and liquid fuels

Market application codes

06008 Energy Storage
06009 Energy Distribution
06010003 Energy for Industry

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Area of partner's activity

Strategic Investors in the Gas Industry, who would consider a joint venture with Cypriot SME to jointly build a gas storage facility in Cyprus. International gas suppliers, willing to consider a joint venture with Cypriot SME for the supply of gas and the construction of a gas storage facility in Cyprus. The company seeks to cooperate with a strategic investor in the gas market and/or an independent international gas supplier.


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