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Spanish technology-based company specialised in carbon footprint determination offers services agreements

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A young Spanish technology-based company has developed and improved the carbon footprint determination in a way that can be easy to measure and to understand. The company is looking for environmental consultancy companies interested in including the determination into their portfolio under a services agreement.

Offer description

The Spanish technology-based company has improved the way carbon footprint can be measured, so it can be used as an eco-label to describe the calculation of emissions of all greenhouse gases related to organizations, events, activities or product lifecycle. It is a young technology company, involved with the respect to the environment and with extensive experience on the implementation of this determinations in the industry. The carbon footprint is measured in tons of CO2 equivalents which allows working with parameters easy to understand and to handle. With the recent publication of international standards ISO / TS 14067 and ISO / TR 14069 the company has the right to develop projects to ensure basic principles to ensure the successful implementation of the carbon footprint in society regulatory framework. Almost all the activities (mobility, food, etc ...) and consumption goods (clothing, fuels, appliances, etc ...) involve emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Today society demands products and services that respect the environment. According to the latest European report, ecolabels play an important role in purchasing decisions of 49% of citizens, and more importantly, 89% of citizens consider that this eco-labeling should be mandatory. The company is looking for services agreements with companies related to environmental issues and consultancy services so they will include them into their portfolio and then could be offered to their clients.

Innovations and advantages

The company participates as a research and consulting entity in CarbonFeel, a platform that gives methodological and technological solutions in calculating the carbon footprint. The main advantages of having this determination done in a company are: - Economical: Economy : Strategies arising from its implementation and optimization allow reducing consumption by up to 20 % in the first year. The emission reductions for businesses is not only an alternative to compensate the environment, but also offers the possibility of optimizing their energy costs and becomes a differentiator. - Differentiation: Companies that are ahead and integrate the carbon footprint indicator will be in an advantageous position compared to its competitors and win the confidence of its customers, investors, suppliers, partners, the public and government authorities, as well as strengthening the prestige of their trademarks. - Environmental: The carbon footprint is valid and effective for the development of strategies that will lead to a carbon-free society instrument. Leadership, sustainability, value creation and social commitment, are some of the advantages accruing to firms that perform the measurement of the carbon footprint.

Technology keywords

04009 Carbon capture and energy
10002007 Environmental Engineering / Technology
10002015 Life Cycle Assessment

Market application codes

08004004 Other pollution and recycling related
09003005 Consulting services

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Type of partner sought

They are looking for consultancy companies related to environmental care and energy efficiency issues interested in including this determination into their services portfolio. Also are inlcuded those companies that implement eco-strategies in companies, as the carbon footprint determination is one of the parameters wished in these strategies.


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