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Spanish technological group looks for Information-Communication and Technology service providers to the public administration for the implantation and maintenance of its new product.

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The Spanish technological group, with 14 years of experience, provider of ICT (Information-communication and technology) solutions, has developed a system of contents delivery to mobile devices through beacon networks installed in public spaces. Each citizen receives in-time and on its mobile information related to the specific location. Targeted partners are ICT service providers to public administrations on the basis of distribution agreement in Europe.

Offer description

The Spanish company is the innovation business unit of a technological group, experts in consultancy, development, implementation and support of IT solutions since 2001. The system, using bluetooth low energy technology and beacons installed in specific locations (town halls, buildings for public services, touristic spots, museums, heritage, sports & leisure...) creates intelligent public spaces, delivering information on the mobile phones according to the citizens’ location The solution builds straightforward and instantaneous participation channels for citizens in the eGovernment through their mobile devices, transforming tedious administrative procedures into user friendly experiences through gamification, engaging citizens to public services. The mobiles of every citizen become a participation portal for suggestions, to inform authorities, polling... 250 beacons have been enough for a city of 300.000 inhabitants. Impact of the project:  Increase the satisfaction of visitors to the site, thanks to improving their user experience.  20% increase in visits to the main tourist attractions, thanks to the delivery of proximity notifications.  15% increase in use of electronic public services that the city offers to citizens and businesses, thanks to the delivery of contextualized notifications  20% of citizens with the ability required to manage electronic services convinced to use this platform, thanks to gamification.  35% recovery of citizens who have stopped using electronic services, owing to improving user experience  25% reduction in searches of public services in the municipal websites as a result of delivering contextualized information.  Get information and indicators from society to make decisions based on social reality and interact coherently and in an aligned way with citizen objectives

Innovations and advantages

 Citizens and visitors can access to personalized and contextualized information in the right place and at the right time.  Open new channels of dissemination of information providing great services.  Encourage the use of public services by citizens and businesses, through the introduction of new attractive ways.  Improve user experience through a new channel of communication aimed at both citizens and visitors.  Ensure specific mechanisms to ease access of groups with visual disabilities.  Possibility of receiving information in your own language and access to additional multimedia information.  Increase the visibility of tourist attractions and services offered through social networks.  Identify preferences, habits of visitors and citizens to offer more personalized services.  Being an entry data point to generate valuable information that can be used to improve the services of the City

Technology keywords

01004002 Applications for Tourism
01004005 e-Government
01004013 Didactic System
01005001 Cultural Heritage
01006003 Mobile Communications

Market application codes

01004001 Local area networks
01004003 Communications processors/network management
01006002 Mobile communications, pagers and cellular radio

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Type of partner sought

A local european ICT service provider to local administrations (City halls, municipalities, tourism boards, heritage boards, etc ) for the implantation and basic maintenance of the network. With the support of the spanish company, the responsibilities of the service provider will be : Project organisation and monitoring Management and maintenance of beacons Training Approval process Content management Dissemination and promotion Description of the process: Using Citizens’ Location: delivery of notifications using BLE technology and beacons. 1. Link the message to a beacon located in a specific place. 2. Notifications are sent from the beacon to the mobile device through BLE (bluetooth low energy) technology) 3.Citizens receive the information on their mobile devices.


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