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Spanish SME offers its services for electronic development projects (embedded systems and hardware/firmware and gateware design)

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A Spanish SME with long expertise in electronic development in different fields is interested in offer their know-how and capacity to design embedded systems and hardware/firmware and gateware for those companies, that seek such systems for their electronic development projects and need customization with very specific requirements and adapted to their application fields. For this matter a outsourcing/services agreement and subcontracting are sought.

Offer description

Spanish technology-based company founded in 2006 and deeply specialized in the design of embedded system and in hardware acceleration is looking for partners to offer their services and expertise. The Spanish SME has proven experience in developments for sectors as Telecom, Defence, Smart Grid, Space, aeronautics, particle accelerators, radio-astronomy facilities, etc.. The company has long expertise in the field of electronics development, embedded systems and hardware/firmware and gateware design. It has participated in developments for Cern and companies such as Indra. And also has participated in international development initiatives with partners in Holland, UK, Germany, Italy, etc. The SME has done diverse electronic designs for particle accelerators, radio-astronomy facilities, defense, among other fields. Electronic designs have high complexity and they adopt also design and fabrication standards towards high quality (such as IPC-600). Furthermore they have expertise in timing designs, high performance systems, low level control, communications, etc. The electronic products developed by the company are based on different types of technology: programmable logic FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and microcontrollers. These three different approaches are used together for target applications of different level of complexity, computing power and cost. The SME develops high technology products on demand. They have been working in this field for years and now have experience in various fields such as robotics, automation, programming, PCB and circuits design, IP cores, etc. What the company offers is the possibility to design and customize these platforms for the customer's application fields or develop high technology products on demand, and accomplish an agreement with those companies, which require hardware or electronics design and are interested in subcontract these design services. Therefore, outsourcing/services agreements and subcontracting for the electronic designing of interested enterprises are sought.

Innovations and advantages

-Types of technology: programmable logic FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and microcontrollers. -High level of customization and adaptation of the platforms, with the possibility to design the components on demand. -Advantages: Parallelisms, extremely optimized and powerful designs Low consumption Liability & redundancy Designs can be commercialized and licensed. Reusable designs (Flexible) time-to-market

Technology keywords

01002004 Embedded Systems and Real Time Systems
01002012 Semiconductors

Market application codes

02006009 Other computer services
03001001 Semiconductors
03001006 Controllers
03001009 Other electronics related (including keyboards)

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Area of partner's activity

-Type of partner: companies requiring hardware or electronics design that subcontract these design services (as outsource). -Field of activity: Telecom, Defence, Smart Grid, Space, aeronautics, particle accelerators, radio-astronomy facilities,etc. Whichever field of activitiy that seeks high-tech electronics designing. -Role of the partner: subcontractor/outsourcer Outsourcing agreement, services agrement and subcontrating are sought.


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