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Spanish production studios for films and advertisement companies is looking for services agreeement

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A Spanish company located in the Balearic Island specialized in stages, equipment and locations is offering its services under services agreement. The provided services are related to content creation and capture: feature films, TV series, reality shows, commercials and photos, supplying personnel, equipment and transportation to casting, location and studio facilities. Services targeted to clients interested both on filming and advertisement experts

Offer description

Spanish company, one of the world´s leading in advertisement and film production service, operate from their studio complex on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca and also from their office in the heart of the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. Characteristics of the stages: A 4,500 m2 space comprising studios, dressing rooms, a make-up room, wardrobe room, casting suites, open-plan production spaces, private offices, meeting rooms. A stage is approximately 1000 m2 (10,000 sq ft), it's sound-proofed and air-conditioned. It's 33 metres long (108ft) and 31 metres wide (101ft), it's 8 metres (31ft) up to the catwalks and ten metres (33ft) up to the roof. B stage is approximately 90 m2 (1000 sqft), 10m (33ft) x 9 m (30ft) and ideally suited to packshots, vfx (visual effects) shots and table-top work. Equipment The company have been organising equipment for a dazzling array of DOP´s from all around the world for over twenty years, and during the course of that time they have built up an encyclopedic knowledge of top quality gear and where to source it from, as well as best-value alternatives. When filming in the Spanish mainland and Canary Islands they supplement the gear they own with kit coming in from a network of trusted suppliers all across Spain as well as France, Germany, Holland, Italy and the UK. When shooting in the Balearics they use their own gear which is exclusively owned and maintained by them. Their prices are extremely competitive and producers have the added benefit of not needing to bring in all their gear from overseas every time. These packages have been honed by their experience on over 1000 commercials and they believe they contain everything required for a successful shoot, whatever the weather. The company offer a truly integrated full service solution and whilst the headquarters remain on the island of Mallorca, with its unique selection of locations and possibilities, the company also offer a mobile solution with partnerships across the globe and offices stretching from Los Angeles to Shanghai, as well as a production centre in Barcelona.

Innovations and advantages

After years of planning, design and construction their purpose-built boutique-style studio conceived by filmmakers, our building took into account the comforts and needs of their staff, crew and clients. Crew 50 full-time crew in key positions and a flexible staffing structure that allows for several hundred co-workers per day through our freelance database • Producers based in Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Reykjavik and Shanghai • Languages spoken include: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Russian, Japanese and Mandarin • Their network offers all skill sets including: SFX, animal wranglers, food stylists, stunt personnel and underwater camera specialists Locations Portfolio of locations, with more than 250,000 images, stretching from our headquarters in Mallorca, through the Balearic Islands, across the whole of mainland Spain and to the Canary Islands • Strong relationships with local authorities and communities

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07001001 Movies, movie products and theatre operations
07001002 Amusement and recreational facilities
07001007 Other leisure and recreational products and services

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