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Spanish nougat and honey premium-quality producer is looking for distributors/importers in Europe and USA

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Catalan (Spain) company specialized in producing craft honey and nougat using autochthonous Spanish products, is looking for distributors/importers specialized in gourmet products or restaurants and hotels in Europe and USA.

Offer description

Catalan (Spain) producer of honey and nougat (almond candy). Their products are totally handcrafted using premium-quality ingredients; select 100% local honey, the best varieties of local nuts, chocolate with a high cocoa percentage, etc. wants to expand its sales market in Europe and USA. The company offers a wide and varied range of honey and nougat products: - Honey’s kind: single-flower honey, healthy honey, gourmet honey and specialties. - Nougat’s kind: chocolate almond, chocolate hazelnut, crocant, marzipan fruited, etc. Moreover, they craft a range of honey-based sweets with different natural essences, such as lemon, eucalyptus and mint. The company has international presence as they are already exporting to France, England and Germany. In order to continue with their international expansion plan, the company is looking for distributors/importers willing to commercialize their products in USA and the rest of Europe. They are interested in stablishing a long commercial relationship with specialized importers or distributors, the ideal contact should be into the horeca sector, or related with gourmet stores

Innovations and advantages

- More than 35 years of experience - Own product development department - Organic products

Market application codes

07003002 Health food

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Area of partner's activity

They are interested in stablishing a long time relationship with importers or distribuitors in Europe and USA that work in the horeca sector or also with gourmet stores or gourmet grocery chains. All their products portfolio are premium-quality so they are not considering partners only with experience in mass-market. Also they are not working with exclusivity.


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