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Spanish manufacturer of packing machinery and equipment seeks distributors in Europe and Latin American (Chile and Peru).

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This Spanish manufacturer makes a wide range of cost efficient machinery used in the packing industry. The company is looking for distributors particularly those who sell to companies involved in large scale exports and the export of fruits and vegetables.

Offer description

This Spanish company has been in this industry for more than 15 years and knows the industrial sector and its workings very well. Additionally, they are also renowned for years of work in packing solutions for the ceramic tiles industry. Their packing machinery and equipment is made out of innovative new materials to reduce the cost of manufacturing while maintaining the efficiency and reliability of the product. The machines offer faster packaging possibilities. They also have the ability to start packing with the use of metal strips at a much lower level than other machines, allowing the packaged goods to be more stable and steady. They are specialists in strapping, wrapping, hooding systems and more. They work toward continuing to manufacture good quality machinery available in the market. They are pioneers in the development of new products for the packaging industry, for a wide spectrum of sectors such as food and drink, ceramics, building materials, chemical, metal, paper and cardboard, wood and horticultural and are thus able to offer highly reliable, efficient machines for packaging. Their range of handling and packing machinery is wide and varied to offer packers the ability to have machines for every specification and situation: different types of strapping machinery, automatic and manual; stretch hood packaging machines; Thermoretractor packing systems, a variety of wrapping machines; boxing and palletizing machinery; different types of conveyor systems. They can offer made-to-measure packing solutions as well as an excellent technical advice, after-sales service, spare-parts and repairs service. The company is looking for distributors for their products in the European Union, Peru and Chile. This distributor is expected to offer technical support, after-sale service and will be the representative of the manufacturer in the country. These packing solutions will complement the distributor’s range of products and will allow increased sales. The machines will be distributed to manufacturers of different sectors: fruits and vegetables, ceramic tiles, chemicals with specific needs in packing systems. They will have a special focus on exporter companies.

Innovations and advantages

The machines are the highest quality available on the market. They are also made innovatively with different materials used to reduce the cost but maintain reliability and performance. With the wide range of machinery and equipment available, there is the possibility to have customized and perfectly adapted machinery for high efficiency packing. Additionally, the machines offer the ability to begin packing at a much lower height than normal machines that are on the market, giving packers the ability to have more stable and steady products.

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08001003 Food Packaging / Handling

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08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for distributors of packing solutions and machinery in the European Union and Latin American countries, such as Peru and Chile. This distributor will not be merely a seller, but a partner in a win-win business relationship. The distributor will offer the technical support, after-sale service and will be the representative of the Spanish company in the country. The distributor will complement their range of products including the Spanish company machinery and will be able to sell more. The distributor will on sell to manufacturers of products that are then exported and need to be packaged at a large scale. Specifically large scale producers and exporters of fruits and vegetables, ceramic tiles and chemicals are of particular interest to the company.


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