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Spanish manufacturer of bone models used in dental training education seeks distributors in Europe and USA

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This Spanish company manufactures a very specific product for dental training courses: realistic bone models of maxillaes and mandibles used in hands-on workshops. The company is owned by a world-renowned key opinion leader prosthodontist and oral surgeon, who designs the models. They sell to different countries in Europe, and they would like to target the US market. They are looking for prescribers for their products or distributors which on-sell to dental training centers.

Offer description

This company is owned by a dentist, prosthodontist and oral surgeon who is a very well known key opinion leader within the dental sector worldwide. He has years of experience in his field and carries out continuous research. He created the company in 2011 to produce anatomic models to fulfill the needs of his own dental training courses, nowadays these models are sold to more than 40 countries. The main aim of the company is improving the quality of training, research and knowledge in the dental sector by using these anatomical models, which are similar to reality and customized to the needs of the clients. They offer a wide range of models and other products: different models of mandibles and maxillae, bonesticks, skulls, prostheses, patient demonstration kits, hands-on workshop kits, customizable kits and model holders. These products are mainly used by the organizers of specialty courses addressed to dentists, prosthodontists, maxillofacial and oral surgeons, to provide the basic element for hands-on practice. The way to target those specialty training centers can be through different ways: through distributors of dental products; through dental implant manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies, which use these models to show their clients how to use their own implants; and also through specifiers, who prescribe the products to these training centers. These prescribers can be key opinion leaders, specialty dentists. It is a very specific product for a sector. The company is looking for any of these profiles of clients which can give them access to specialty dental training centers to sign a distribution agreement mainly in the USA and also in European countries.

Innovations and advantages

The main advantage of these anatomic models is that they have been designed by a specialist doctor in prosthodontics according to his needs when delivering hands-on courses and taking into account the needs of the trainees. They are hand-made and are very realistic, compared to those from competitors. Another advantage is that the Spanish company can produce any type of model completely customized to the specialist’s needs.

Technology keywords

06001004 Dentistry / Odontology, Stomatology

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05004003 Laboratory equipment
05004004 Medical instruments
05005017 Dentistry / Odontology, Stomatology
05007007 Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)

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Type of partner sought

The partner sought in order to sell these products in foreign markets could be any of the following profiles: distributors of dental products, dental implant manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies. A key profile they may need in foreign markets is the support of a prescriber, a key opinion leader in the sector who recommends the product to the course organizers. The objective with these intermediaries is to reach their final customer: organizers of specialty courses for dentists, prosthodontists, maxillofacial and oral surgeons. These organizers can be universities, dental training institutions, implant companies, dentists and dental associations in European countries and the United States of America. This product is addressed to a very specific client: organizers of hands-on workshops aimed at dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, prosthodontists and any other type of specialist wishing to specialize in oral implantology.


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