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Spanish extra virgin olive oil producer addressed to luxury / gourmet consumers seeks distributors in European countries.

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Spanish company specialized in the production of gourmet extra virgin olive oil is looking for distributors in some countries in the EU. The product is a blend of native regional varieties grown in fields by the Mediterranean coast and comes in a luxury packaging, ideal for an exclusive present. The partner they are looking for could be distributors which on-sale to specialized gourmet retail shops or directly these gourmet retail shops; luxury gift shops or boutiques,also airport shops

Offer description

This is a Spanish family-owned company which produces premium extra virgin olive oil of different olive varieties: alfafareña, blanqueta, borriolenca, canetera, manzanilla, serrana and Villalonga. These are regional varieties grown in fields by the Mediterranean sea, in the Valencian region in Spain. Extreme care is put into every part of the production process, carried out with traditional methods. They have a range of 4 different products, where they combine the different olive varieties in a way to create gourmet olive oils with a differentiated luxury packaging: - Product 1: pure natural olive juice 100% obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Cold extraction; filtered; without washing and natural decantation. Luxury packing and 500ml bottle decorated with 54 Swarovsky crystals. - Product 2, a coupage blend with different native varieties of olives: 90% Serrana, 5% Arbequina, 5% Picual y Villalonga. 500ml design bottle. These two extra virgin olive oils have international reconnaissance of their flavour and quality, since they have been awarded the international Terraolivo Prestige Gold award from Israel. - Product 3: Coupage blend of different varieties 25% Borriolenca, 20% Canetera, 15% Farga, 10% Serrana de Espadan, 20% Arbequina, 10% (Picual, Manzanilla, Regué). - Product 4: a traditional olive oil blend with a distinctive modern packaging. This olive oil is addressed to a premium gourmet customer who appreciates real olive oil taste and is concerned about a healthy diet. These olive varieties are adapted to international tastes with a mild, delicate, fruity flavour. Image is very important for this company and they have designed a distinctive packaging, very stylish and luxury looking, which makes the perfect luxury gift. They do not have much experience in the international markets but have a well prepared team to start selling in European markets. They are looking for distributors which deal with gourmet food products. Another interesting profile would be gourmet retail shops / delicatessen shops which can buy directly from international producers. A third interesting profile would be luxury gift shops or even airport shops, since it is not only a food product, but a very exclusive gift to offer.

Innovations and advantages

These olive oils are of the maximum quality and are a blend of traditional native varieties of a specific region in Spain, Castellón, on the Valencian region. The special thing about these olive oils is the different luxury packagings: the Special Selection Limited comes in a 500ml bottle decorated with 54 Swarovsky crystals. The other varieties have a luxury box ans shapy bottles and the Gourmet Premium has a very funky packaging with opaque white crystal. Two varieties have won international award Terraolivo Prestige Gold from Israel.

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Type of partner sought

This company is looking for distributors which deal with gourmet products. Alternatively, they are interested in retail shops which sell gourmet products and have the capacity to buy directly from other countries. A third channel they would like to use to target new European markets would be through luxury gift shops. Airport duty free shops are also an interesting way to reach their target customer: gourmet consumers interested in luxury olive oil.


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