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Spanish company with simple web accessibility platform for people with disabilities, seeks to expand its business via license agreements

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A Spanish company specialized in web accessibility and usability is looking for licensees to expand its business. The platform provides web accessibility and usability. It adds a layer of semantic information to the web to guarantee compliance of web accessibility laws and recommendations. It also provides tools such as website reading and navigation with voice commands or keyboard.

Offer description

This is a software company based in Spain specialized in web accessibility, created in 2014. The company has developed a tool that automatically updates different techniques from the cloud to improve the accessibility of the web. In this way, each person can navigate in a way adapted to their needs and preferences, enjoying the latest generation improvements in usability for web pages. The platform allows to provide web accessibility to any website without the need to modify or re-write the website. With more than 200 customers in Spain and an increasing number of customers in the rest of the world, they are looking for business partners to expand quickly, especially in Europe and Latin America. The licensees, should be able to sell this solution to potential customers, implement the solution in customers’ websites and provide first level support of the product to customers. The company is however open to other cooperation concerning implementation, which can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Innovations and advantages

The platform provides web accessibility and usability. It is a support product that adds a layer of semantic information to websites. This information is customized by experts in accessibility and usability. The platform guarantees compliance with many of the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) regarding web accessibility, making the customer’s website more accessible and usable. Also provides, via cloud computing, assistive technology which helps any user browse the web according to their needs and preferences. Because it’s cloud-based, the platform evolves continuously. It allows users to instantly enjoy the latest enhancements in the field of web usability and accessibility, in the form of various technical aids. Some examples of the technical aids provided and the easy use: - Website reading: Website content and available options are read to the user, giving them access to content and helping them navigate through the website without needing to see the screen. - Navigation with sounds: Navigation through the website is made possible via non-speech sounds, without the need for input via keyboard, mouse or spoken commands. - Navigation with visual aids: Optimized navigation for persons with reduced vision, which provides clean texts and allows users to adjust font size and select contrast and colour settings. - Navigation with voice: This function allows the user to navigate using simple spoken commands, without using the keyboard or mouse. - Keyboard navigation: Here users can navigate using the keyboard without the mouse. The product can be provided via public cloud, via private cloud or on-premises. The company works closely with organisations that help persons with disabilities. As a result they have been able to obtain constant first-hand feedback that allows them to better understand user needs; this helps them to improve their product and make the lives of people with disabilities easier.

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for licensees, resellers or partners to expand its business in their local markets. The profile of the business partner should be sales-oriented and technological. Experience in sales or implementation of websites and/or products related to web technologies is recommended. The tasks to be performed by the partner are: - Lead generation and sales activity in its local market regarding web accessibility. Current focus is public sector and medium-big companies. The current developments of the product will allow to sell the product with volume to small and medium companies in the near future. - Perform demonstrations of the product. - Close sales. - Optionally, implementation of the solution in the website of the customer. This can also be done by the company's implementation team from Spain. - First level customer support. - Follow-up of customers and manage renewals of the services.


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