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Spanish company specialized in gourmet craft beer is looking for commercial agents, distributors and/or importers.

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This Spanish company produces a gourmet craft beer made of rosemary and rosemary honey and a lighter craft beer, which is the only beer in the world made of seawater. Their beers have been prized by the International Taste & Quality Institute in Belgium and they are internationally recognized as the company is currently exporting to over 15 countries. The company seeks importers, commercial agents and/or distributors for different countries.

Offer description

This company founded in 2005 has been producing high quality craft beers made with a double natural fermentation process. One of them is a gourmet beer for pairing with a meal with products such as iberic ham, cured cheese, meats, foie, paella, in summary, products loaded with flavor. They do not associate this beer with a common pint. It is an "alternative" to wine. It is served in a wine glass and may be served in a metal cooler with ice, like champagne or white wine, for the 75cl bottle. They use rosemary and rosemary honey as the differentiating touch in the elaboration of this beer which gives it a Mediterranean flavor and makes it stand out from the rest. On the other hand, the company produces another beer which is the first and only beer in the world made with Mediterranean seawater. It is a soft, fresh, pleasant and easy to drink beer with the uncommon and different touch that the seawater provides. It is not a salty beer as the seawater just gives it a mineral touch. It is both a bar beer (snacks, tapas, etc.) and for restaurants (mixing well with sea products such as tuna, anchovies, sushi, etc.) and has a low alcohol content (4.8% ABV). This beer is an alternative to the common beer with a clear reference to the natural surroundings, the Mediterranean Sea. They also produce a bitter ale that has a light color with EBC 10 (color range by the European Brewing Convention). It contains ginger root among its ingredients which gives it a particular herbal aroma and taste with hints of grapefruit that together with its low alcohol content of only 2.5% ABV. In addition, they produce a maibock-style beer, a darker beer with an EBC color 26 (color range by the European Brewing Convention). It is made with up to 4 different types of malts. Herbal and caramel flavors are distinguished in its aromas which are later confirmed in its taste with a strong presence of hops. It is a strongly flavored beer with 7 % ABV, intended for public who enjoys drinking more complex beers. The company´s main market niche is middle-upper range restaurants, specialty shops and gourmet areas in big retail chains. Most of the time, the company channels their sales through wine distributors. The Spanish company has already international experience as their beers are exported to over 15 countries including the USA, Denmark, Singapore, Japan, UK, China, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Panama and Italy. In order to increase the international growth, they are looking for importers, commercial agents and/or distributors for different countries in order to sell more of their beers abroad.

Innovations and advantages

Their craft beers can be distinguished for their characteristic flavor and innovation in the use of ingredients and they are also prized for its innovation for being the first beer in the world that uses purified seawater from the Mediterranean Sea in its elaboration by the International Taste and Quality Institute and in 2014 they received 2 gold stars on the same event. Moreover, they offer marketing support at the point of sale and development of the catalogue, or sales support for the introduction of the product in their area of distribution. They have global experience and fluent communication in English and Spanish.

Market application codes

07003001 Wine and liquors

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Preferred countries

Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Japan, Portugal, Russian Federation, South Korea, Tunisia, USA

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Area of partner's activity

Looking for reliable importers, commercial agents and distributors that already have an experience in international trade in the beverage sector and which are used to working with high quality products. They need agents and distributors who are genuinely interested in their products and get to know its advantages, differences and innovations in order to sell them.


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